Lung Scar work Japan

Do I have a chance to work in Japan despite having a lung scar? If yes, do you have any idea of the processes needed, what to expect, do's and don'ts? Thank you for the reply.

hi there....did you get the job in japan.?? also have lung scar plssss want to work in japan too update plss

Yes i would like to work any where in Japan, I love Japan work decipline. Very hard working and focuses. And if I get a chance and learning from them i definately use it to grow and learn.thank you

What?? What is Lung Scar work?

@letsgojapan update.  Are you already in Japan ? Hope you are .

Hello asking also if have a possibilities to study and work as caregiver in japan, doubting have lung scar also since 2016, 😔 hoping for answers