Homestay, Shared House, Apartment or Dormitory?

Hey there! :)
I was in Japan last year for about 1 month. Tokyo to be specific. I really enjoyed it, but the time was too short, so i'm planning to come back this year for a 3-4 month stay.

But now i have the hard choice everyone else had too:
What kind of accommodation should i pick?

Last time i did homestay at a friends house, but of course this is not possible for 4 month. I guess i'd be a little too annoying for such a long time :)

An apartment is great, but still a little too expensive for a poor person like me. Around 70.000 ~ 80.000 yen.

And that's it, i can't say anything to other accommodation types because i've never been to them before.

Did anyone live in a dorm, shared house, single room or anything else before?
Can you share the experiences you made? Positive and negative ones? Would you do it again? If yes, why? Also where did you find that place you stayed at?

Help me building myself a opinion :)


Hi Dabido,

Going through the articles of the Japan guide might be of some help ;)

Good luck

Hi Armand,

thanks for that link!
But that's not exactly what i'm searching :p

I'm just trying to collect some experiences :)
To be a little more specific, all types i listed (dorm, shared house, single room, etc) involves living with people you have never seen before. Be it in the same room or just in the same house. You are more or less forced to live with them for the time you booked.

I'm just a little curious about that. I've never done something like that before

May be useful for you. I have rented through this agency price from 45,000 Yen/

AlbertT wrote:

May be useful for you. I have rented through this agency price from 45,000 Yen/

Thanks for that! Some of them are indeed cheaper then other agencys (sakurahouse, oakhouse, etc)

Anyway, to give an update: I've decided to rent a shared house. It will be fun i think :)