Moving soon to Japan (any useful tips)

Hello all :)
My name's Sasha and I'm a 29 year old (soon to be 30 - eek!) English language teacher. I'm planning to move to Japan in early September with my girlfriend. We've lived in China for 2 years and speak some Chinese, but Japan and Japanese are new to us. We are looking for an apartment in the Machida area of Tokyo, we are happy to get a small place for now. Does anyone have any good tips for us? Helpful websites, where to start, etc., etc.

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Hello Sasha84 and Welcome on Board!

So as to give you more interaction, i created a new thread with your post here in the Japan Forum.

First of all i would suggest you check out the many threads there are on this forum other expatriates made before moving to japan. You may find many useful information!

You can also check out our Housing in Japan section to have an idea of the price of rents etc. Feel free to browse to the different section of the website for collecting as much info as  you can  :)



How long are you staying? If it's only for a month or three I'd recommend a monthly apartment like If it's longer then are definitely the most foreign friendly real estate agency out there

Great, that's really helpful, thanks. :)

Hi Sasha! I used to live in Yokohama (right next to Tokyo) but now I live in Kyoto. I don't really speak Japanese but there is a good website I can recommend to you for job/apartment/whatever hunting :)

Here it is:

I hope that helps!

Take care and have fun!

Thanks all, very helpful. I'm looking at a few months at first, until I can find something longer term work-wise.

how can we easily learn Japanese  language ?