Looking for table tennis players (In Riyadh)


Looking for somewhere and some good players to have training together. I have my own bat.  I know only in STC Club in Mursalat campus there are good tables. To enter in, you need to be STC employee and you need to register to the club. If you are interested or have any suggestion for the place or where I can find good players, just reply from here or dm.


There is a table tennis tournament tomorrow for all (Saturday 11th). 4pm at Universal Bowling Centre in Riyadh and you can call 0558168885.

I hardly know anything about it. Going with a friend. Will report back later.

Thank you very much for that valuable information.  Will try to catch that at least as an audience. You think it is late to register as a player for tomorrow? Will call that number in day time.

Apparently, it has been cancelled. Just try to stay in the loop and see what happens in the next few weeks.

Anyone who wants to play me then just send a pm. I found a small club with 10 tables. They seem fairly decent. Up the road from Sahara Mall, next to the Tamimi Markets store on the corner.

Tuesday, Wednesday or weekend best for me.

I will be here until July.

Hi my friend

There are many players in fitness time (Othman road branch). We play alot over there.
As far as you are an STC member, you can get a 40% off on the annual registration fees.

Contact me if you need more details


Hello Faris,

Thanks for the feedback. I believe that there is no much benefit of registering Fitness Time only for table-tennis where I will not be using many other facilities in it.

I am looking for some individual places that table tennis players are collected or someone really interested in table tennis that we can have training in somewhere.

Thankfully, currentaffairs had some suggestions and we will see if we can make it.


new here in riyadh,  would like to play table tennis during weekends, hope to hear from anyone, thanks all!

Yes. I am also interested in Playing Table Tennis. But unfortunately could not find any club. If any body knows please inform.

I'm in, there is a good place in King Abdulaziz road.
PM me if anyone interested to play..

I play table tennis and need some one to train with. Where exactly are you in Riyadh ?

Hi I live in hara and want to play table tennis if interested to play on weekends do let me know

hi vaidwive! I'm from Riyadh Ministry of National Guard, Do you play at home or a club? we can play table tennis with you. i want to extend to play with ohers

Non STC employee is welcome to be member of the club?

Hello lilameona,

I just recently moved to Riyadh, and Im looking for fun things to do. I realized there are some ping pong players. I enjoy playing and would love to play sometime. Let me know if you are interested.

Take care,


Hi Yasser,

I'm interested, do you own a table or do you play in a club?

Guys I am available and interested in TT as well. I am a medium/advanced player.

Where do you play?  We are group of friends also looking for other player to match.

I play at a friends compound, but if you have a place we can play there as well.

hkhawaja wrote:

Guys I am available and interested in TT as well. I am a medium/advanced player.

Either  come to our place or we can play in your place or in a club, but I don't know any place any club to play

great . . . PM your contact , ill PM mine

Sounds good, what part of Riyadh is your place located.

Naseem area

I am working in STC so i also enjoy swimming ,tennis and billiard @ the the Gym. I agree security is a bit stiff here so you must have access pass before coming. Would love to learn if this still going on so i could attend some games perhaps.

Hi, I am looking a TT place in Hara and its surrounding areas. Let me know if anybody has any location to share.

Where can i play table tennis here in Riyadh. I am in exit 8 area

Saudi Arabian Youth Hostel Association has a sports club in Nasriyah, which is not very far from your place. It is quite cheap and the environment is outstanding. There are pretty good TT players too, if you are looking for professional standard play.

Table Tennis enthusiasts should sign-up with Youth Hostels Riyadh (Boyoot AlShabab) on King Fahad Road. They charge nominal 200 SAR Per Year for the basic membership, which allows you to enjoy all basic sports (i.e Table Tennis). There you will find very good Table Tennis players from all over.

Byoot Ash-Shabaab - Youth Club
An Namudhajiyah, Riyadh 12734
24.659193, 46.698755

All you need is copy of your Iqama
Letter from your employer/sponsor in the name of Boyoot AlShabab
One picture - Passport Size
200 Riyals

Thanks for the information. But can you please enlighten me as to how to reach the venue from Hara? Is there any option other than taxis?


Looking for Player at Fitness club , Al mansoora , Riyadh .

you can join fitness club . there they have 3 tables , its in mansoora riyadh

What time they are open

Let's play

Hi.. I want to play table tennis but I dont know where the place in riyadh.

hi bro
I am new here in riyadh also do know where place can play

Yes, I'm also interested.
If you find suitable place, please let me know.

Dr. Kailash

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