Buying property in Doha

Hi, does anyone have any experience of buying a place here in Doha? Please could you share your experiences with regards to financing, property types for sale and how long the process takes. Would also be good to know more about the resident permit you get when buying a property in Qatar.

My understanding is that purchasing properties in Qatar is very limited for non-Qatari's. At present, only the Pearl properties are specifically made for foreign investors with which a new owner gains perpetual residency status. On the other hand, property laws continue to be reviewed with a view to make it more accessible to investors but to date I am not aware of freedom of choice being available. I also know from a friend that some people enter into property purchase in partnership with a Qatari but without proper contract and is based on trust alone. I, for one, would not touch that arrangement with a light pole as it is way too risky and fraught with probability of default. No one should place him/herself at the financial/psychological whim of another human being. I wish it was different but that is the reality of the property investments in Qatar as I understand it.

Happy to offer some advice.

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