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Hello All,
I am offered a senior position in HMC.
I was wandering what 'Accomodation Provided" mean?
Any shared experienced is highly appreciated

Accommodation provided means, you will get the flat depending on your grade and 45 thousand riyal for furniture.And they will provide Accommodation in barwa city (option:nazma) its 1 hour travel.

Hey Wilson,thank you for the reply. Do you have ay clue what grade 113 would be entitled to ?

Grade 113 include family benefits, accommodation provided, family residential permit, annual tickets for you, partner and 2 kids up-to 250kg entitled. Transportation allowance provided.

sugar-pie wrote:

Hey Wilson,thank you for the reply. Do you have ay clue what grade 113 would be entitled to ?

Mymain cncern z accmdation.
Im a single lady-no family,,
A bit confused what dat grade wod b offering me.
Any similar situation?

check the grade with the concern department or wait until you get the offer letter in hand. Note:- entitled for the family status. when you have a family you are eligible.

sugar-pie wrote:

Mymain cncern z accmdation.
Im a single lady-no family,,
A bit confused what dat grade wod b offering me.
Any similar situation?

Hi sugar pie,
i work in HMC,
grade 113 for single is very good.i am married with kids and don't earn that much so you have a good offer.especially iof you have accommodation (this is the killer in this country ) and free ticket.

Hi Dookhy, thank you for the reply.
I know accomodation is worst among Qatar and HMC doesnt do much with this side, as of local hiring.
The only problem, they r soo slow in process .
Which department r u in, how long have u been there?
Wish u all luck!

Hi Sugerpie; how is your experience in last 3 months with HMC.
where have you finally been alloted accomodation ? How do you commute to work place daily.
I am also waiting for visa.

Map shows that Najma area and Barwa city are 10 km away. Please tell  precisely which area HMC is providing accomodation ?

@ desi-man hmc will provide the accommodation in barwa city near to abu homour industrial area.

Hi Desi,
I hve had my visa in process for almost 1.5 month now, still waiting for it.
Im afraid that at this stage I cnt be of a good help regarding the accomodation area provided , yet I would go with what Wilson has mentioned as he was  of good guidance to me.
How long has it been since ur visa "in process"?
Good luck!

@ sugerpie I am waiting for offer letter since last 1 month. Though my offer requested been granted by HMC for last 20 days.

Thanks a lot Wilson.  :P
Please clarify whether 113 is senior grade or 114 is senior in HMC? some one told me at 114 grade HMC offers indipendent villa to stay. Is that right ?
Can you please tell me among all 7-8 HMC hospitals spread over Qatar which one has an under construction warehouse ?

114 grade is not a senior level. You can say its a mid level upper to bit high level  ;)  under construction warehouse as of now DOHA, WAkra and Al Khor. If you land up in Al khor it wont be easy for you to leave out. In Doha you can leave out easily. 114 all included accommodation etc etc refer your offer letter.

Dear Wilson,

Thanks for the reply.
Actually I wanted to know how the seniority counts ?
More seniority for bigger number or more seniority for lesser number ?
Thats why I wanted to know 113 is senior or 114 is more senior ?

Depends on your department work Level.  Your grade will be only for your department. Suppose if you are 114, and your seniority wont be counted for Pharmacy, Surgeon etc etc. It will only with your internal department level, same grade with different field.

Did you get your visa and arrived to Qatar? This will be a new experience to you especially if you're coming from Dubai. HMC is a good working place though

Hey,not yet.
My visa is still under process - its 3 months now- still waiting!
Feels very strange to get informed that it usually takes longer for a female than a male visa!

It's the norm. Even when a husband is trying to bring his family to join, he must wait at least 6 months before doing so or bring them on a visit visa, if he could. It's definitely different from UAE in here. Eventually, it will be issued

I just wonder why would Somone be informed that employment. Visa wd take 1 month whn it can take several mnths!!

They really don't know how long it would take plus maybe they didn't want to take the risk or blame for declining an offer due to visa issuance period

I'm just speculating

Thought that this could be a bad sign initially, lack of transparency between both parties!
It could be a reason, thank you for the input Kylejo

How are things going? Have you got any positive feedback

Nothing yet.
Frustrating indeed!

It's taking a long time. Check with them to finalize quickly. It's summer and Ramadan, things will start get slower.

I know what u mean Kyleio. They have taken their time in issuing a single entry paper - visa, without giving any justification for the continous delay! Ill probably have a fon call with Top management today to bring this to an end!

By the way, my name is Khalid.

Single Entry Paper - Visa? Isn't it the Employment visa?

Employment visa from HMC only single entry visa, after medical examination you are granted for Employment visa  :)

i am from syria
my visa under process from 50 days
i signed the offer from 19/4/2014
do u have any ieda about the time for visa to be issue for syrian
all mu colleuge whome matched with me start working

@ aghammoud85 Call and follow up with the HMC HR Department.

Any emails to send a resume for a nurse?

Depends on your grade and availability.  You will either be provided an apartment, single or married accommodations or villa, again depending on your grade.

I am working for HMC and happy with my accommodation package. You, as a 113 you will be provided a nice apartment as accommodations, you will not have to share!   Where in HMC will you be working?


Thank you Matt for the information provided.
I am informed it is grade 113. I am afraid that I cnt take this any further as my visa is still in process- since 6 months nw

Oh hang in there, it took almost two years to get me here.  Who are you working with, is this a clinical or non-clinical position?  If easier, my email addy is [email protected]

check ur mailbox - Matt

Hi sugar-pie, Mattey,

I am also waiting for my visa to move to Qatar as I have been offered a 114 position in HMC. I have the same doubts about the accomodation, where is usually the apartment located, and if it is furnished or unfurnished.

I have read that HMC is accomodating most of the staff in Barwa City which I think is little far from Doha. Any comments? Does someone know about this area? What are other areas in Doha where HMC provides housing?
Thank you!

Check this Map Hamad General Hospital, Doha, to Industrial Area Rd. if no traffic it takes hardly 20 minutes to reach. During Peak Hours it takes more then 1 hour.

Thank you Wilson. Do you know if the apartments are normally furnished? Is there any other area where HMC is accomodating the staff?

Do you know where HMC allocate people until the apartment is assigned?

Any other information will be much appreciated.
thank you in advance

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