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Hi I'm 25 female,  moving over to Doha at the end of August. I have 2 options, either go with company accommodation but I shall be living alone or find my own place with a flat mate or mates.
I would much rather share which will help meeting new people in a new place.
looking to spend between 3,500-4000. Maybe slightly more if the place is right

Hi Nuttyem89,

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Doha housing section.
It should help.

Armand Team

Armand, r u in doha?

Hi urvin1981,

Please note that Armand is not in Doha, and that is part of the Expat=-blog team.

Should you have any question, please feel free to create a new topic, we will be glad to help. Thank you! :)



Not until the end of August

How about u? In Doha or Mauritius?
Also im looking for an appartment to move in end of August (currently in work accomodation)
Nice area, any suggestion

Doha, the office is by the old airport then the 2 schools I shall be working at are in Al Farjr and Al Gharafa.
So I'm looking to be closer to the schools and but don't mind travelling up to 30minutes to the office.

I am working in real estate so Please feel free to contact me via email or call once you arrive to doha and i can show you some options.


regards :)

Hello Nutty,

I will be shifting from my company accomodation to shared accomodation similar to you in August. The area which you prefer should be around Matar Qadeem (Old Airport). Currently I am based there. Are you comfortable sharing with a male colleague. If yes then please write to me on hungama_05[at]


If your looking to share, I have a great apartment in the Zigzag Tower in West Bay but its 5500 per month but it is amazing and the very bright and airy

I have been here for 7 months now, there is a free pool, three beaches with a mile of the apartment free gym, but I am a single guy of 48 from the East End of London.

How would you feel about sharing with a single guy? Its not the usual thing to do in a Muslim country so we would have to be descreet


My email address is


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