Popular neighbourhoods in Doha
Updated 2 months ago

Moving to Doha might seem a bit intimidating to some expatriates. Knowing that Qatar is an Arab-dominated country, you might be worried on how you are going to connect and settle in an area that has its own customs and lifestyle. The good news is that Qatar is an open and diverse country. In fact, 88% of the countrys total population is composed of different nationalities, which makes every single area unique.

Choosing your neighbourhood in Doha

Most European expatriates stay in The Pearl or West Bay areas where lifestyles are more classy compared to those living in mid-rise apartments in the downtown area. Lusail is another location that has recently opened up to new expatriates seeking a luxurious quarter with new and contemporary exteriors, and state of the art facilities. However, Westerners are usually keener to stay in a convenient yet priced housing at the city's outskirts. Most Asian tenants live in shared villas or mid-rise apartments in the city. If your workplace is close to an isolated area, you will notice mansions secured by large gates and outdoor majilis which are typically owned by locals.

West Bay

West Bay is at the heart of Doha's economy. It is the area where most global investors and companies are located, as well as ministries, embassies and entertainment hubs. Walking around the area, you will notice many Europeans and Westerners. If you are looking for a modern lifestyle, West Bay is likely to be more care-free and urbanised compared to other parts of Doha. The area offers a wide range of studios, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments, etc. However, prices will be higher than those you can find in Al Sadd and Al Mansoura. There are also many compound villas located nearby. In general, rent prices start from 7,000 up to15,000 riyals. If you are wise enough, you may be able to negociate.

The Pearl

The government’s initiative of building around a 900-acre island is brilliant. This project has attracted many expatriates, especially from Europe. The Pearl is one of Doha’s best places to visit. It offers not only coffee shops and luxury shopping malls but also high-class housing options in a promising combination of modern Victorian and Venetian architecture. The area is divided into three parts, and recently real estate companies have been thinking of developing three more islands, as part of the government vision in 2030. These are The Marina, Qanat Quartier and Bahriya. Bahriya is an area where most buildings and villas have direct access to the beach. The Marina, on the other hand, is closer to the yacht port and numerous coffee shops while the Qanat Quartier will give you a Venetian ambience due to their colourful exteriors.

The Pearl also has its own market called The Medina, which is normally a walking distance away from apartments. Most people living in The Pearl are Europeans or Westerners, but there are some properties owned by locals as well. A foreign professional can either own or rent a property for 9,000QR minimum.


Downtown is the most popular place for meet-ups, as well as finding restaurants and cheaper apartments. It is also the city's busiest place. In Al Sadd, Madinat Khalifa, Bin Omran, Bin Mahmoud, Al Mansoura, Najma, Al Waab, Hilal and Al Muntaza, you are likely to find cheaper rooms - which is why it is so popular most South-East Asian nationalities. Moreover, supermarkets, schools and transportation are very accessible in this area. If you prefer isolated areas yet close to city’s popular landmarks - Abu Hamour, Muaither and Garaffa are the best choices. These offer several classy villa compounds that are popular with Europeans, Americans, locals and South-East Asians earning higher salaries than middle-class workers.

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