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Doha is home to about 2 million people. As such, the city has a huge variety of accommodation options. Whether you’re a bachelor(ette), part of a family, or looking for a flat or house share, there is something for everyone on the rental market.

Types of accommodation


The vast majority of housing in Doha comprises of apartment buildings. They vary in condition and amenities provided. Some offer a shared gym and pool as well as leisure facilities (e.g. table tennis, pool, TV room, etc…). Depending on your contract, your utilities may be provided at no additional cost. Apartments can come unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished.

Serviced Apartments

Many major hotel chains offer serviced apartments with a rolling month-to-month contract. This is convenient if you are single and want the flexibility to move and not be tied to a one-year contract. Generally, your monthly fee will include regular housekeeping and a range of other services as well as discounts for hotel amenities. You can inquire with the major hotels here for more information.


If you have a large family, you may want to consider moving to a villa. Outdoor space is at a premium in Doha. Many villas have private gardens. Villas can be standalone in residential streets, or as part of a residential compound which has more of a community feel with small shops, cafes, a clubhouse and shared leisure facilities. This is a popular choice amongst expatriate families.


Doha has a number of different neighbourhoods and districts that are home to a variety of communities. For Western expatriates, there are two areas that are the most popular, and as such, the most expensive. However, rental prices have dropped since the embargo last year and there are good deals to be found. These are also the two areas where foreigners are permitted to buy property.

Your employer may also provide you with accommodation. In many cases, the value of this accommodation tends to be higher than what you might receive as an accommodation allowance instead. It is worth checking this before looking at the rental market to see if renting privately is worthwhile.

West Bay

West Bay is the economic hub of Doha and home to its major financial institutions, embassies, major hotels, and government offices. Although Doha is considered a city that is relatively spread out, West Bay is considered the city centre. There are a number of apartments available within the central area of West Bay and a number of villas on its outskirts. The diplomatic area is home to a number of luxurious villas and has a suburban residential feel.  Expect to pay from 7000 QR for a studio apartment, 10-15000 QR for a 2 bedroom apartment and around 20000 QR for a larger apartment or villa (as of July 2018). Rental prices will vary and can be negotiated, and you may be able to find better deals than this. There are also a number of residential compounds within travelling distance of West Bay.

The Pearl

The Pearl is a stunning artificial island built on reclaimed land, where construction began in 2004. It is an incredibly popular place to live with expatriates, due to the several beaches, a marina, and a promenade full of designer stores, restaurants, and cafes nearby. It is also considered one of the most picturesque areas in Doha, with plenty of greenery and landscaped gardens. Although it is slightly further away from the rest of the city, you can still reach the city centre in ten minutes. Expect rental prices to be similar to prices in West Bay, although UDC (the managing company of the Pearl) may sometimes offer special discounts such as one-month free rent or free utilities.

Other Areas of Interest

If you are willing to relocate further from the city centre, there is better value to be found. Of course, it’s not possible to name every area on this list and the list below is just a sample. You should also consider your travel distance to work and which facilities are most useful or convenient for you.

Al Waab (near to Villagio mall and Aspire park) is a popular area for residential compounds and there is a wide variety of accommodation to be found there. Al Sadd and Bin Mahmoud is a conveniently-located area around 10 minutes drive to the city centre, with many shops, reasonably priced restaurants, and several hotel bars within walking distance. Madinat Khalifa, home to many other residential compounds, has several shopping malls nearby.

Find accommodation

The links at the end of this page are a useful starting point. However, there are a number of Facebook groups that also advertise properties for rent.

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