Rental Agreement Termination Penalty

Dear All,

Kindly let me know if the tenant is liable to pay for the remaining amount rent to the landlord if they are leaving Qatar for good.

I have been told various real estate agents that if you are leaving Qatar for good i.e. leaving permanently then you do NOT need to pay the remaining amounts and your cheques should be returned to you.

There are certain real estate agents who have told me that you have to pay the remaining amount of your contract to the landlord if you terminate the contract early EVEN IF you are leaving the country for good.

The below is the last reference to law that I found:

  Qatar Rent Law No.2 of 1975, Article 31 states. The lessee(tenant) may cancel the contract before the expiry of its period if unexpected circumstances arise such as a change in the domicile (leaving Qatar) provided that the dates of notification for evacuation are observed, as stated under Article 24 of the Rent Law No. 2.

   Article 24 – Notice periods
   If the lessee wishes to vacate the leased property, he/she shall notify the other party:

15 days before for a three month contract
one month before for a period not exceeding six months
two months before for a period exceeding six months Unless there is an agreement providing otherwise.

Kindly help clarify.

Thank you.

Just to update. I think my reference to the law is old. The law has been replaced by a new law so I am not sure what is the new law on this topic.

Lease Law No. 4/2008, "Amendments, and Executive Decisions"
Article 7: The insurance taken from tenants must not in any way exceed the value of two months’ rent...


Thank you for your response but I dont think it is related. The insurance is already covered as 1 month rent.

The landlord is asking for the full rent of the remaining months on the rental agreement.

I want to know what does the local law say about charging the remaining months of rent if the person is leaving the country for good and is getting his RP cancelled.


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