Meeting people in the North

A few of us living in the north want to spend time together, meet new people to do snorkeling, hiking, sight seeing, having a drink etc. 

We plan to meet on Saturday May 3rd, in the evening for drinks in Grand Baie.

If interested to join us, please contact so we can plan and make reservations.

OK, ow do we contact all of you, we are expats with mauritian origin from uk. I live in the north nr Anse la raie, which is near Capmalhereux

I would like to meet up new people  with various cultures and interact...
which place are we supposed to meet up ??

Hi Guys,

I'll fill in some of the missing details:

We're meeting at 5pm at the Beach House in Grand Baie.  Currently 10 people will be attending, and it looks like an good mix of people.

To help us keep track of numbers, please let us know if you're coming.



it will be good to join.
count me in

Hi Guys,
I am new here.. Unfortunately I missed your get together.. how was it? are you guys going to have a second round? If so I would like to join.




hi, greetings, when is your next get together and what age group do you acomodate in the group.thank

Hi Caroline,

Sorry you missed us last time.  We had a great night meeting a bunch of new people.

Silvia is organising a hike next week (Sunday 1st June) in Bras D'Eau National Park.  It looks like we'll be a group of around 10-12.  If you're up for a hike (and maybe a swim), come and join us!

You can find all the details here.

hi, am in the north, let me know when you decide to go round,ok

will let you know when i`ll decide, thks for the reply

Hey that sounds cool!
Next sunday.. I have to check because we were planning to rent some bikes and make a little tour in the north..
But I will definitely let you know.



Do let me know if any outings this weekend......


I live in the north and am interested in meet ups. I like to hike, swim snorkel and beach activities. Please let me know if you are doing another meet up in Grand Baie as I missed the one on the 3 rd May

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