Dear All,

Need your help as i have received a job offer without any interview from EUSKALTELECOMS S.A, a Spanish owned company in Moscow, Russia, and they are offering me a very handsome salary package with many fringe benefits, i have just a simple question, is it normal in Russia to offer some one without taking any one on one conversation or online interview???

if some one can help me to check whether this company do exist in Moscow, will be a great help.


I got also offer letter from EUSKALTELECOMS S.A, without any interview, same question from my side also.

I have contacted Euskal tel and today received a response from Manuel Arco Barreras, Director HR from Euskal Tel, and he told me that hey have no presence in Moscow, Russia, and this is a scam for sure,  so beware if you receive any job offer from any company without a proper recruitment process, it will be advisable to contact that particular company directly.

Thank you on your findings :-)

This is a fraud offer. On getting the first mail from them which was suspicious, i responded back to get the details of the address, company profile, role etc, but as a response i received  another vague mail... i knew this is fraud by then itself and wanted to test it. Hence i sent the online form filled with some crap ... surprisingly i got the appointment offer with in an hour... I was shocked.... :)  ... Ignore it and be cautious of not falling prey to such fraudulent mails. One cannot be appointed with out being interviewed and his or her experience & background verified.
I advice you to  refrain from getting into any further communication with the sender.

o God! i got the same mail...for job.............................

I'm sorry for this guys they can't full me I knew it was a scam when I told them that the employer should handle processing of work permit and they can reply right away despite the fact that the working hours would be Mon-Fri 8-5pm. It says in their email that it's against the company policy.... but what's funny thing is that they can send you 1 month salary advance before your departure.. See! how's that! US$950 is such a huge to give away to these people you didn't even hear their voice. I guess I was also surprise and so I replied  and signed their contract :)

Euskal Telecom should do something on this. I'm trying to get the real email address of this company and suggest they find a way to prevent this.

Be careful guys..

This is a fraud pls ignore the offer. When I was asked to pay for the visa I told them to shoulder it and just deduct to the salary... and then their gone.

I got the official soft copy appointment letter  from EUSKALTELECOMS S.A, without any interview yesterday.
from this guy shown below :-
Hassan Omar / Asst. HR Manager
> (Humman Resources Department)

Are u guys received from the same person ?

I have contacted this company in Spain and i do have the email address of their HR Director, i did emailed him all the details i have received from that fraud company in Russia.

yup that's the culprit.

i have also get same.plz send the email i wants to verify

euskaltelecoms.comally a fraud offer.
Thanks to jessicaj, saurabh123  for sharing your idea & alert me regarding this. Becuase I am very confused & also wasting time thinking about again & again.
Email: [email protected]
>> Website:

@jessicaj: If you found real email Id & detail of euskaltelecoms then pls share. We should have to inform them from all guys who got this offer.

Once again thanks to everyone for alerting & informing..Take Care...


Fraud for sure. I confirmed with someone in Euskal Telecoms. There is no Moscow office. Also the offer is too sweet to be true.

I also got the offer, I'm trying to reach on given phon number but it's not working,

Really thanks for info

Thanks to all my dear collegues for this very important message from EUSKALTELECOMS.
I may say its a fraud really due for abnormal processing and no proper coordination from both
sides at all.Its good that I've been search and locates this pages and am very upset what I had
found.Anyway, let's move on and keep on alarming unto others that they might "BEWARE" with
regards to this subject.Again, thanking you all for further concerned..god bless..

I got the official soft copy appointment letter  from EUSKALTELECOMS S.A, without any interview yesterday.
from this guy shown below :-
Hassan Omar / Asst. HR Manager
> (Humman Resources Department)

same here   :lol: