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Hello, looking for a bike storage place in Budapest. Need to store two bikes for 4 weeks. Does anybody know if the airport has storage - is it good? Any other suggestions.

Thank you :)



I can tell you that  storage at the airport is very expensive especially if it is going to be over such a long time, there is an alternative in the town next to the Airport Vecses  long stay park, heading away from the airport towards Vecses go towards the far end and just about 500mtr on your left( very descrete I'm afraid is this long term vehicle storage) you really have to keep your eyes open though, it just hits you and then its gone. be aware of this, I cant remember the name unfortunately but it was very very good and inexpensive. the other asset is it has its own shuttle bus and takes you to the airport, I will try to find the telephone number for you and send it on, if you still need it.

Regards Phil Maguire

I would have thought another forum member would help you out but perhaps not. You could try on the Facebook Hungary group, as most of them are in BP:

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