Rent apartment in Budapest

Hello all,

I may get a new job in Budapest center so i may have to relocate soon.

Can anyone recommend me any agencies or web sites to look for a descent apartment (1 bedroom) in Budapest? I 've heard that i can find one with 250euro/month which i believe its a good price...still dont know what the salary will be...:/


Dear Vagelis,

There are a lot of agencies, but in fact they are contacting with proprieters to ask them offer their property for rent via their agencies. They do the same with me. For example I always say that ok you can offer it for rent but for an additional 10 000 HUF/month compared to my own ad.
Concerning the prices yes you can get one flat for about 250Euros/month, but as you see in my email as well, you need to calculate all the charges in addition. Good luck to your search.

I have a flat for rent in the City Center 7th District Akácfa Street in a tqpical classical Budapest building with inner court yards.
It has two separatly opening rooms, a kitchen , bathroom. 52 sqm. Very bright on the 1st floor without elevator. It is situated between two inner courtyards one is with green plants.
It is fully furnished and totally equipped, from toaster and spoons, to towels, bed linen etc.

The price is: 80 000 HUF (eighty)+ charges.
Charges: 11405 HUF - common charge in which illimited water consumption is included
GAS and Electricity are after consumption - but between 10 000 HUF- 20 000 HUF/month depending on the season.
Internet with wifi is 5600HUF/month

If you are interested in it, I can send you pictures and if you are in Hungary already you can visit it as well. My email: kadagic[at] was a good place to start for me (available in HU or EN)

thanks for the info

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Hey Kadagic,

Nice to see you are in Akacfa utca, infact i rented very near to you Dob utca, just round the corner.

I am paying about HUF 76000 (rent + common) but i am in travel anyways. From what i see, total costs all inclusive for a flat will come around HUF 90,000 to HUF 100k in the city centre, with all facilities.

To rent an apartment, you will need to pay 3 months rent as a deposit and if you go through agent, you will have to pay 1 month fee as their commission. The website is a good place to start in apartment search.

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