Anyone stay in district 9?


I'm from the UK and moving over to Budapest soon!

I've currently got my eye on a couple of apartments in the district 9 region. The places are in Ferencvaros in a street called Lechner Ödön fasor (near the national theatre). Can anyone tell me if this is a good location or vouch for district 9 in general? Is it safe? Is this particular location near bars/restaurants/nightlife? How "central" is it?

I've never been to Budapest before but was wanting somewhere fairly "central" i.e. near bars/restaurants/nightlife. Initially, I've only been looking at apartments in the Oktogon region and Raday Utca (having been told these are good locations for what I'm after) but wanted to enquire about this particular location. Anyone know how easy, or how long it would take to get from this location to Oktogon/Raday Utca?



City center to most is roughly considered inside and just around the Ferenc/Jószef/Erzsébet/Teréz/Szent Istvan körút. (it changes its name as the districts change)  You'd be just outside of the city center.  Your area has seen a lot of development in the past few years as the area used to be really run down before the National Theatre and MÜPA were built.  Now plenty of new buildings there and the neighborhood across from you, behind Soroksári út, is coming up but maybe more so a little further in, starting at Mester utca. I used to know some people that worked in the office building on the shores of the Danube and they didn't like it too much as it didn't offer much to lunch or running a quick errand.  That may have changed in the past couple of years.

My concern is that Soroksári út is really busy road that feeds into Budapest so there's traffic probably 18 hours a day and the exhaust from old cars and trucks that somehow passed the environmental standard tests.  Plus I wouldn't be so crazy about all the events happening nearby that would also bring a lot of traffic in the evenings.  Another factor for the winter is that there always seems to me a chilly breeze down by the Danube that is bone-chilling.

Getting to and from to the Oktogon shouldn't be too bad but it would take about 20-30 minutes and a change of trams or to the metro. Getting to Ráday would take about 15 minutes.  There's also some places in the vicinity of the Corvin that I like to frequest as Ráday is a little too busy, boring and touristy for my taste. The transport issue would likely be your dependency on the tram 2 timetable.  My experience is always a lengthy wait for it.

Overall I'd prefer an area a little closer the the city center with good neighborhood that isn't so close to a busy entryway to Budapest. Maybe your place has a good view of the river that might make up for any detriments and from which you can watch the fantastic fireworks display on Szent Istvan Day, 20th August. Personally my favourite area that is near the city is Újlipótváros area which is the 13th District just north of Szent Istvan körút as it has a genuine neighborhood feel with some notable Bauhaus architecture and good places to eat and one isn't too far away from any nightlife.  (plus you'd have access to the 4/6 tram on that körút runs 24 hours)

Hope this helps and that you enjoy Budapest!

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Thanks a lot!

So, in this area, are there not many bars/restaurants/nightclubs no? Is it overall a fairly area?

How expensive are taxi's in Budapest, for example, how much do you think it would roughly cost from Oktogon to Lechner Ödön fasor or the National theatre after a night out?



There's plenty of places to drink and eat in the city.  Whether or not you don't mind slumming with locals, it depends on your tastes. That neighborhood across from your place is traditionally working class and there wasn't much.  Even though there's a "whale" building near the Great Market Hall which just recently opened. I don't think there's all that much really close as you'd have to head towards Fővám tér or go towards the Corvin where there's some good places to drink. But I haven't been there recently since the whale opened and might draw more people as that is part of a university campus.   At best it is probably a developing scene.  Someone with more recent experience might have to help.

Generally clubs/bars/restaurants don't cluster and are spread out.  Notable exceptions: Liszt Ferenc Ter, Hajógyári sziget, Kazinczy utca, Miksáth Kálmán tér, Gozsdu udvar,  Margit sziget (summer), Buda side of Petőfi hid (summer) and Raday utca.  (maybe there's some I forgetting, especially those in Buda)

Taxis: never ever flag one down as the tariff is much higher. Most people have a couple taxi companies saved in their mobile's contact list (or an app in their smart phone) so that you can call the dispatcher to set one up. Most dispatchers speak okay English, the drivers not so much.

There's been a recent significant raise in the taxi tariff, so I don't have a good feel about the costs. Providing that there isn't heavy traffic, I believe a ride from Oktogon to the Nat'l Theatre would run about  £5 - £6 with the standard tip. (it's actually a quick trip since you're just taking the körút where the tram runs)  Getting from Hajógyári sziget would run about £12-£13. Even with the raised tariffs taxis are a good value for expats but usually the public transport is generally good so taking a taxi isn't always necessary.

That was a fun movie :-)
Budapestians use roman numerals for districts like so:
IX. ker.

Can't comment on the safety, haven't been around there in a long while.

As always, I'd recommend to go see for yourself before committing long term:
Book a hostel or couch-surf while you verify the offers in person.

Hi Mikey,

I think Mutuk told you everything you need to know. just Lechner Odon fasor has swimming pools ,sauna, gym and other facilities such as 24h reception. thats the major difference of having a flat there rather than another place.

similar appartments can be found in budapest but with less standards.

Thanks a lot for all the advice guys, much appreciated!

I think after all this, I'm hoping to land a place in Andrassay Avenue in District 6, near-ish Oktogon, Ferenc Liszt Square, Deak Square etc (this location is sweet so I've heard)

It was a really sweet apartment in Lechner Odon fasor with good facilities but opting not to bother with issues of traffic flow and just the fact it's further away from "centre town"


I know I m a bit late answering but I am in district nine and it is a great area. Lots to do lots to see and not that far from the other central areas
Happy holidays Anns

Greetings, Indeed District 9 is a good one! My Mom lives there. However be advised of some nuances generally true for Hungary/Hungarians not just District 9. First Hungarian Police does not do much "policing". In the district you may see an occasional police car driving through or see a pair of cops on a foot patrol. That is it! Of course speeding tickets are given out by mail and done by radar/picture in the good \German tradition. The reason I say this that you will see the "homeless" in Hungary un bothered or harassed by the cops. This is mainly due to the Hungarians misguided sense of "individual right". They are afraid of being "racist" or otherwise criticized by the European Union so it seems there is a "hands off" policy in Hungary.  Again I say this because one may take up residence at your door or across the street. As a side note please remember that the bureaucracy in Hungary is incredible! To get anything done you might as well take the day off! Good luck to you!

I think that a lot of what you say is true of many places.However, most people take a live and let live attitude.
I have noticed some homeless people in the parks and squares but not on the residential streets. Just like in London.
I am glad I managed to find somewhere in a good area of the city but more luck than design.
Regards Anns

Hi MikeyMcD, How the search is going?

Hi Dezpapp,

Thanks for asking!

Right now we're in contract with 2 separate agents, one place is in Deak Square and other is in Andrassay Road

Just have to wait and see, will keep you posted!