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hello everybody - can anyone tell me what is the average price per square meter for renovating a flat in Budapest? - for example, it is well known that to fit out a flat in Warsaw Poland can cost between 1100 to 1600 zloty per meter - all depends on the choice of materials. So I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what are the numbers in Budapest?

As I stated in your other post, unless someone has actully seen the property I don't think anyone can give you an answer.

Now in this post you have brought Poland into the equation. Poland is a completely different country and currency you can not compare them as you can't with Austria and Hungary!

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akiva21 :

could you please let me know the details of your carpenter? my mail address is [link under review] - also what is the average price per sqm for the basic renovation? thank you very much - Akiva

Lets start again, unless someone actually sees the property they can not give you a price. Thats the first thing. Secondly its no good giviving any personal details in the forum as they are blocked for your own safety this includes email addresses, telephon numbers and personal mailing addresses.

Finally unless you are here, there is no good in telling you any trademens details. Others will give you more information on this matter, and no, I don't know any carpenter.

Like the other poster mentioned, it all depends on who does the work and what materials you want to use.
Our next door neighbor just redid a 64 sq. meter flat, she is Hungarian and had a HU crew of a few people working on her flat.One guy in his 60's with a helper and then a young painter came in.
I've been in the flat many times before the work was done and know the previous owner had gutted the bathroom and put in a nice new shower with jets so if anything she just had to do some comestic things to her liking on that room.Her wood floors were sanded and redone, my husband asked the old guy how much to do the floor in our 50 sq, meter flat and he quoted around $600. Not too bad really.
Of course when you speak Hungarian and take your time hiring someone then it can cost less. In fact the old guy who did a ton of work on the neighbors flat was going to her to get his teeth fixed, maybe they did a deal on the side, dental work for floors?
An ex=pat we know here asked us to help her by having my husband ask the contractor he found for her online how much to redo her bathroom, it is a rather large room but needed everything to be re done , put in a heater and an extra toilet and sink for guests, lots of room to make it into a one and one-half bath. He quoted if I remember correctly around 2 million forints but it all depended on what fixtures she wanted, would take about 2 weeks to finish, the guy seemed like a real professional, go in quick, do the job and leave.
This quote was about 4 years ago,not sure how much prices have gone up since then.This contractor seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing and was not a scammer, had a full crew and had every detail of repairs from prices of switches to lights all in a book, full crew of workers and a solid contract in hand.

Marilyn Tassy :

would take about 2 weeks to finish

You know that is actually a joke in construction, highlighted so well in the film, "The Money Pit":

That is all jobs only take two weeks. Except all those that don't..... :)

akiva21 :

hello everybody - can anyone tell me what is the average price per square meter for renovating a flat in Budapest? - for example, it is well known that to fit out a flat in Warsaw Poland can cost between 1100 to 1600 zloty per meter

Apologies, to SimCityAT for basically repeating what he already said. But it is an important topic, and so may need repeating from others.

Renovating and fitting out are not the same thing.

Fitting out simply means adding what is needed (fixtures, etc). It assumes all the base work is solid and needs no attention. And that can vary in cost quite a bit. Do you want a soapstone kitchen sink or only stainless steal?

Renovating is different. It may mean needing to redo all the plaster, flooring, walls, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, etc. etc. etc. Renovating and the amount of renovation needed vary, and it can become quickly very expensive. Only a professional coming and looking at what needs to be done can given an estimate -- and even that may be low as one never knows what horrors exist until one starts to pull up the carpet (so to speak).

And then there is remodeling -- which is different from fixing out and renovating, and is even more expensive.

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