How to search for shared flats in Budapest?

Hello, I need some advice about what to do when renting a room in a shared flat in Budapest.
I'm starting university in September. I have already started searching but is it too early? Or should I really manage this now?

Will I still find accomodation opportunities in mid August, or will I only find very expensive foreigner-oriented solutions (like a few I saw...)?

What are the best websites? I've already checked and, and

I'm looking for any tip!

Many thanks,


You could try the forums and facebook pages related to your university or ones nearby.

I keep an eye on, but I believe most of those are linked to the websites you already mentioned.  I'm arriving in mid-august for school as well, but I will have a friend to stay with and help me find my own place.  Does your school offer a housing service to help you?  They go through this every year, at this same time, I'm sure they've become experts at finding student housing rather quickly.  You may have to pay for their services, but it'll be a lot easier than doing it on your own (unless you already know Hungarian, then congratulations!)  I would definitely suggest partnering with someone who knows the ropes, otherwise, I'd afraid I might get ripped off.
Good Luck!

Hi, thanks for your answers.

To szocske: I've been looking for facebook pages or forums but since I'm not an erasmus student but a "regular" student, it seems that there is no official help... I will be at Corvinus by the way. Erasmus students are really helped a great deal!!

To octobop: I will ask Corvinus whether they have an accomodation service, but I don't think so: they have what they call a "tandem" programme to which I tried to subscribe, but I was answered this was only an Erasmus thing. 
I have friends in Hungary, but they don't live in Budapest, or only in the suburbs. I've actually found a few interesting ads and called/mailed them, but I wonder if this can wait or if everything about student accomodation is happening right now, before August...

College International has a housing service for international students, although Corvinus is not listed on the site, they may be able to assist you.

I hope there are plenty of options available to students arriving in August, but even if you have to take a less-than-ideal room, it's still shelter, it'll get you through until you meet your classmates, then they can probably help you out!

Thank you very much octobop, I will check this out :)

Cyprien Vallette wrote:

I've been looking for facebook pages or forums but since I'm not an erasmus student but a "regular" student, it seems that there is no official help...

I don't think erasmus students have sworn not to share a flat or even talk to non-erasmus students :-)

Go ahead, post on their forums!

Hey, hey :-)
Are you interested in flat sharing?
I have a free room in my flat! The flat is in the 5. district, directly next to the parliament, at the river. There are a kitchen, bathroom, single WC, living room, which we would use together!
Your room is ca. 20qm big, sunny, has his own balcony and an own entrance to the bathroom!
You can get this for about 280€ /76000 Ft.
Well, your room isn't with furniture.

If you're interested and want more informations and photos, please feel free to contact me :-)

Valerie :-)

Hi Cyprien,

Have you been found any accommodation yet? If you still need help please contact me I can help you look round or can give you some homepage.


hey there , Flat serach is a quite easy thing in budapest , just visit : , or AIRBNB , or simply go on the facebook for erasmus people in budapest ,you will find alotof flats for rent long term

I used this website for searching my apartment. There is an option to find roommate also on this website.

Good luck


if you are looking for a flat or a flatshare, just checkout, it's probably the best website around for finding rooms or apartments in Budapest. if you are looking to find rooms not only on the internet, then many of the universities offer assistance with accommodation for newly arriving international students, though i personally prefer to find it online, that way i can get all the info about the room (and roommate) in advance.

good luck! :)

Hi how are you?
I used to live in Budapest for 10 years
Contact Agnes she has great apt and good prices for rent.
Very honest and nice
Not like most places
If interested email me and I will send you her email


I dont know how you can find a flat mate, perhaps you can rent an apartment and in the beginning of the semester set up ads at the university billboards.