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Hi all,

Newbie on the Russia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Russia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

hi mu name yacine from algeria i would like travel to Moscow for living there so  i want know little bit about living in Moscow.thank you.

My name is Paul Egan. I arrived here in Moscow in early September 2012 to join my then fiancee who I have since married. We live together in my wife's apartment in Yacinevo district. I am a Greek-Australian having been born in Greece but grew up and studied in Australia raised  a family as well as conducting my own legal practice for many years in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.I had issues with my residency permit here and only settled that issue in late September 2013 necessitating me to travel back to Australia and then to Ukraine and Greece so as to renew my Visa until such time as my temporary residency came through.

For a considerable period I could not find any type of employment in my profession here as a trained Barrister and Solicitor at Common Law. Only recently I have been able to find a limited position with a few universities in lecturing in English certain law subject and I am due to start at the resumption of the next academic semester in early April of 2014. I also prepare annotated abstracts (summaries) involving brief descriptions of research papers, articles, thesis, reviews or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline in the English language for a journal published by the Russian Presidential Institute of Management and  Economy (RANEPA).
I speak very little Russian and mostly converse in English with my wife ( one reason as to why I haven't progressed my my Russian language skills).

Moscow is a very interesting city,vibrant and full of many interesting places to visit. As my preference is classical music and ballet as well as the Arts,I visited many of the splendid Galleries and Museums and theaters such as the Bolshoi, Tchaikovsky conservatory (concert hall) and a few others.

During my stay here both my wife and I visited the Ukraine mostly eastern Ukraine and the Crimea which is  a fantastic change to the stylistic drab Soviet style of  other Russian cities we visited such as Vladimir, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kaluga etc. Also took a long flight to the Island of Shakhalin were we visited relatives of my wife and stayed in Yuzno-Sahalinsk the capital. A very cold affair as we spent  a few weeks during the New year and the Russian Orthodox Christmas period there. Nevertheless the city is situated near  an amazing mountain with excellent sky facilities.

Hi Paul!

Nice to meet you at this forum, how about english/russian exchange?


My name is Kareem Daef - карим Даеф. I'm 25 years old architectural engineer. I am doing my masters degree in RUDN university. And this my 8th day on Moscow so I am new fresh member :)) I need somebody to help me to learn how to speak Russian, exploring Moscow, and going out ;)

godspeed  but were are you from if you didn't mined 
i think you are Arabian
would you please respond to me

Hi am akram from tunisia live in moscow looking for some good friends

I am Robert from New York. I have just committed to 19 months in Yekaterinburg as an Executive manager of a Large Russian Company looking to westernize. Looking for lunch buddies, contacts, someone to show me around, english speaking businesses, etc.

Yes from egypt :)) also


I've been is Russia about 3 months now and would like to make some friends to wxtend my experiences here!
I work as an English teacher. I love to exercise, lift weights and mma.
I do own a sense of humour too!

I am Mai from Egypt, I can speak Russian Language & I have been to Krasnoyarsk before for a 2 month internship as an English teacher. I hope to go to Russia again by the next year for work or for preparing English-Russian translation Diploma.
Now I work as a teacher English Language for primary stage in a school and as an instructor Russian language in a center for teaching languages.   
Glad to hear from you.

Hi Kareem.
Could you tell me more about getting English teaching work?
my wife is Russian and she has gone back home for the birth and I will follow.
I've done teaching in Europe so I would like to do it again in Russia but I don't know the best way to go about it.

Hi man, yeah I'm interested.
Send me your Facebook so we can talk easier. Or mobes is turbo-the aussie-dave if you can find me.
Thanks for replying.

Hey guys! How are you?  If you are in Moscw, let me know! Thanx)

For what?for party?) weekend coming yahoo!)

Susan! Yes I am in Moscow. What about having a city trip this weekend?

Hi all, my name is dimas, i am from jakarta-indonesia, hopely in coming month i will transfered to moscow-russia for job in horeca bussiness. Becouse i live in a tropical country, i wanted to know about basic know how living in russia; clothing, shoes, food etc. Thank you very much for the help, nice to know you all, hopely we can meet in moscow. Oh yeah pardon my english :)

Hi  I am living in New Zealand Auckland last 3 years.1st of may I am going to the home to Moscow  for 2 months.if someone wants to meet and visit different sights let me know!!!

Hi to all! I am Richard and new to Moscow, I have literally been here a week and looking to find new friends and people to network with. I am from Manchester, England, and have taken the step to move here, as you can imagine I am keen to see all Moscow has to offer, and have been very busy seeing lots of sights but I am sure I haven't even scratched the surface. Please feel free to get in contact if you fancy a chat


welcome to moscow!

Joining to find new friend in Russia..

Hi, I'm Tasha!
I have been living overseas based in SE Asia working as a teacher/governess.
I spent a couple of years working in Moscow as a governess and returned to Taiwan last August, currently still in Taipei.
I'll be off to the island of Sakhalin, Russia (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ) at the end of June for work and would love to connect with other people living & working there:)

Hello, people!

My name is Alexander, I live in St.Petersburg and will be glad to communicate with native speakers of English/ French / Arabic. Looking for friends and possibilities to improve my language skills. I can teach you good Russian in exchange or we can just discuss the life around-)

Those who are interested, please contact me at: alexander.urentsov[at]

Hope to hear from you!

Life is beautiful! Enjoy!

[Moderated: Please post in the jobs section]

[Moderated: Please post in the jobs section]

I am from USA      I can speak English not  Russian.

What do you need to teach English in Russia?



My name is Leah, Filipino (Philippines). I'm an English Teacher here in Bangkok, Thailand for 7 years now but decided to look for another country, Russia probably, to work on. I hope you can help me refer to anyone who is looking for a nanny/housekeeper or a private tutor, I can do all in one family. You can send an email to leahv0809[at]

Thank you.

Can I have your email address please?

Cv sent already

hi i am male from mumbai and want to make many russian friends as i am thinking to visit russia

Hello  :D  I'm living in Rostov-on-Don for the 5th year, I'm studying medicine and I speak really good Russian, the city is calm at day and crazy at night (in a good way) if you'd like to visit please come, you won't regret it. I can help with much around and I know many friendly good interesting people who are ready to take gusts in and show them around as well  :par:

I want to make new friends from russia and ukrainians on skype
as well as by E MAILS
    :)      skype  id is   kavin.nawani

Thanks mohamad
                             for ur compliments,i will be in touch with u by email

Hello everyone is there anyone here in need of cleaner,nanny,cook,english tutor in your family? Kindly pm me:) thanks

Hi emely2010,

You are off topic here.
Could you please post an advert in the Russia jobs section?

Armand Team

Hello! I'm Eugene. I'm living in Moscow, fonding of sports, exhibitions, movies, heavy music.

I'm here for socializing with people from different countries.

Hi dear ) im coming to Moscow ... are there new firends here?

Hello everybody,
I'm Ahmed from Egypt , I ll move to moscow in july ,
I am a masseur ,
I want learn different kinds of dances , russian language ,
Also I like to tour the country ,
May be I can work there and stay.

Hi everyone. I am moving to Moscow this summer to run Swimming academy for Expats in English. This is going to be the only place where structured swimming lessons run in English language.
Let me know where do people meet and and how to get in touch with Expat parents?
Where expats go and so force?
Empire Swim Academy

Hi guys ! I m Claudio from Milan..nice to meet you! im going to Moscow..i want to know this town and to live over there ) so im looking for all the information about this place, and about VISA... If you can give me advice, i will be happy to receive it ) thank )))

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