How to meet some young (18-25) Russian from Moscow?


My name is Thomas and after my degree I wish to find a job in Moscow/SP, I started to learn Russian two years ago but I had to stop 9 months ago and I was learning on my own so I would like to meet on internet some young russian willing to help a french boy from england (so I can teach you french/english/...) :)

I'm on VK but ... it's not really cool to meet ppl on it, I have whatsapp, wechat, vk, fb, line, ... everything you need or prefer i'm yours.

I think i said enough for a first post, so do not hesitate to pm me,


I am chef from pakistan but i wana job in russia. What can you help finding job in any resturent.afterthat i will pay your fees

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To find work go to the top of this page to "Discover" and then open the Russia Guide for information and guidance.

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