Requirement of Birth Certificate or NABC for dependent spouse visa

Hello to everybody.

I am Allwyn from Mumbai, India. I have just received my D-type visa for long stay.

My issue, nowadays, is about a Birth Certificate. How crucial is its requirement for a Family visa for Belgium ?

My wife does not have a birth certificate since her's was a home birth in a village in Karnataka, India before 1971.
Those days, births were not registered and the Baptism Certificate from the Church was sufficient for all official work. So, as of now, her birth was never registered in a municipality office.

Her visa application is on hold due to missing birth certificate. We had been advised to just furnish a self-affidavit for birth legalized by an apostille for the dependent spouse visa. But now, the consulate is asking for a Non-Availability Birth Certificate from her hometown legalized by an apostille in addition to the self-affidavit.

This is an awkward development since it means a visit to a different state and visiting various government offices with a new Baptism extract. So, that's another 15 days. The date of travel looms near, and my family doesn't have a visa.

My query is : Does a dependent spouse, who will not work, need the Birth Certificate or the NABC (Non-Availability Birth Certificate) for the visa ? This demand by the Consulate does put my travel plans go for a toss. Since it is asked, I will have to give it ? But why this stringent requirement when it has not been asked for in previous D-type visa applications ?

Any answers, anyone ?

I have posted earlier in the School section and the Transport section. And the responses have been illuminating.

Hoping for replies,

Regards, Allwyn.

Hi Allwyn,

Birth certificate of Spouse and kid is mandatory when they are accompanying you in D-Type visa application.

I faced the same situation and got this clarified from the consulate that it is a mandatory piece of documentation (either a NABC or a BC, apostled by MEA.). Some local offices in Belgium can ask for the birth certificate during initial inscription. So, my opinion is that you secure the birth certificate for your wife (from local authorities of the place that is mentioned as "place of birth" in her passport).

I followed delayed registration procedure and registered my wife's birth in the local authority of the place that is mentioned as "place of birth" in her passport.

If you want to register the birth now and get a proper BC (Its good to have it, for future use too), you may refer "The Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969", section "Delayed Registration of Birth"


Hi Aneesh,

My B-type Work permit is in progress. Planning to travel to Antwerp by Jan'15. Have a query regarding my birth certificate.

My dependents (Wife & Kid) have proper birth certificates. But I don't have a one - my birth was not registered, 1983 board - Tamilnadu.

Is my birth certificate also mandatory for the dependent stamping? My emplyer is asking me to submit the same. I am trying to register and get my BC, but looks like it'll take a long time. My customer is pushing to comeover asep. Is it suggested to go for stamping with just my dependents BC and not mine. Please suggest.

Note: We have all the other documents proper.


If you are going to apply for visa, with  a B type WP, you dont need a birth certificate for visa processing.


I need to correct you there. AFAIK, in order to get a D visa based on a WP B, they will need an apostilled BC, all 3 of them but this is just IMHO.

I did it 3 years back and I was not asked, but my wife and kid had to submit.. It was the same for my friend who went through the same process 4 months ago.

May be it changed :( to what you said.. Thanks for your correction .. :)

Best way Ganesh is to ,  confim directly with your local  vfs.. Visit their office or call them..

Additional Info:

--> I dont see birth certificate in the list of documents when you apply with WP, in VFS India  ( … uired.html)
--> Whereas, I see it in the list for documents for your partner and kid ( … uired.html)

With the above info in VFS website, I have no reason to think the main applicant (WP holder) needs to submit a birth certificate unless asked specifically or so later on by the embassy.

Thanks a lot Aneesh. Your inputs are very helpful.

I did call the VFS helpline and asked my query; they too confirmed the same. Unless it's asked for any specific reason, it's not mandate for the primary applicant. Thank you for letting me to know about the VFS helpline.

Thank you all !

For Dependent Visa, do 10th mark sheet can be considered as proof of Birt Certificate.?

Hi Allwyn,

I am in a similar situation. It would be great to know how you solved this problem?


I will soon be applying for a long term visa type D for Belgium. My wife will accompany me on dependent visa.

So, can someone please confirm if birth certificate is a mandatory document for processing of her dependant visa.


yes, it is.

AlexFromBelgium :

yes, it is.

Thanks Alex

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