Job in Nantes / learning French

I'm looking for a job in Nantes. I can speak fluent English, Polish is my native language. The problem is that I don't speak French (yet;). I just finished studies in Poland, bachelor's degree: Environmental Protection and master's degree: Environmental Protection specialty Environmental Impact Assessment.

I will appreciate any kind of help and advices where to search for a job and how/where to learn French. I saw offers of courses in universities but unfortunately they are way too expensive for me. Maybe someone would be interesting to learn me French and I can learn English instead.


the spring program at Nantes university isn't way expensive- its 280 for 60 hours- l'universite de Nantes- IRFFLE

hey, thank you for an answer. I saw this offer, finally I found some organisations which have really cheap courses but they begin in September. Still it's better than nothing. Cheers

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