Just Another Job Market Question...

I am interested to know about job prospects in Nantes.

I've worked in Brussels for the past 7 years. I have 13 years IT-related experience.

I'm looking for a developer job. I know: Java, Coldfusion, SQL (for sybase/oracle/microsoft), Python, PHP, js/jQuery/Typescript/Angular5, HTML, SOAP.. etc etc.

I am currently a Freelancer, and have been for the past 3+ years. I'm interested in freelance and permanent.

Ofcourse, I always search through as many job sites as I can find, and submitted my CV to good looking jobs but not heard anything really. So ofcourse, I am doing the obvious things.. but that's not really what I'm asking here.

I really want to hear from people who are in the IT sector, especially developers.

Q: So my question is really if anyone has any insider advice, or knowledge, or... anything they can say about it?

Q: Any companies that are recruiting heavily at the moment?

Q: Any companies that have a particularly good reputation for being a good place to work?

Q: Is there a shortage of good developers in the city?

Q: Are there a lot of expats working in 'IT' there?

Q: What would you say is the minimum salary I should be looking at?


Why do you want to work in Nantes? If there is not offers there it' because there are not a lot of companies in your area or others which recruit.

It's not a big IT area...

My reasons for wanting to work there, are not necessarily work reasons, so I'll keep those personal and not bore you with them.

There are certainly plenty of offers. I only need 1 offer.

The facts I read about Nantes are that as many as 86 companies relocated there last year, that it has a euronantes business area which is growing, that it is an attractive place to work and live (for instance the relative low cost of accomodation), and that more and more companies see it as a good alternative to places like paris or antibes or strasburg.

These do not need to be 'IT', silicon valley, types of companies, they can be anything ofcourse because developers work across many sectors; banking for example.

I'm interested to understand what you mean when you say its not a big IT area?

So Im wondering if there are already enough technically skilled people already in nantes to fill the positions, so they dont need to recruit someone from Belgium or wherever else? Or is there a growing skills shortage there?

Maybe people look at my CV and see that I dont yet live there and dont look any further at my CV because it would be too complicated or risky for them to hire me.