Job seeker!

Hello everyone.. My name is Ely..currenty living in Nantes France. I speak french too I just want to ask everyone because i am curently Searching a JOB here in Nantes. Im a Nurse/ Infirmìer..
My job before was a private nurse
For 3 years With old people but sad to say the family moved to US.

So now im searching any job like nanny or  old people who needs to accompany in their daily lives to take care of them. I really need to find Job here in Nantes France to support my parents. Hope anyone can answer coz its my first time to post here!Thank you expat!☺️😊

Hi Ely99,

Welcome to :)

Are you in Nantes since a long time?
For your job hunt, please feel free to post in the Jobs in Nantes section > nurse. It might give much more visibility to your search.

Thank you and good luck,


Hello:) merci beaucoup Pricilla:) I appreciate your reply.. Hope i
Can find one coz i really need too:) I
Will check now👍🏼☺️

Even a nanny or baby sitter is fine with me.. I can take care of old people too like a caregiver..