Summer job in Nantes

Hello! :)

I just wondered if anyone had any advice, as this looks like a gem of a website that I've stumbled across!

I am English, and study French with English Literature at university. However, I'm currently on my year abroad. At the minute, I'm working as an English Language assistant in primary schools, but the job finishes around the end of April, just before the start of the Easter holidays, and I am spending the summer in France, so am looking for any kind of job in Nantes over the summer.

I speak French, I would say at a good intermediate level, as I am not yet completely bilingual.

Any advice or job ideas would be much appreciated!



Was a bout to post the same actual planning to spend an year at the university studying french...

Heyya, did anyone find something by now? :) I was looking for an unpaid job even just to get the experience. I am coming to Nantes in June and I just don't want to be bored. I was hoping to work somewhere just even to get in touch with more French people as I was hoping to pick up some French and obviously maybe to get some work experience.

Any tips welcome :))

it is difficult to find a job in France at this moment.IT is crisis

Hi everyone,
any success so far?
I've been looking for a summer job here in Nantes for more than a month, nothing yet!
if you guys have any information that would be cool to share it please