Looking for a job in Nantes


My name is Emma and I'm from Finland. I graduate from highschool this spring with very good grades. In the future, I'll apply for an university to study politics, history or economy. Haven't decided yet what to do. My plan is to work abroad the next year, and gain experience.

I really love France. I love the language, it sounds so poetic and elegant. I can't speak French, but I'm very eager to learn. I already speak Finnish, English, Swedish and German, and I would love to speak French too. France would be the ideal place for me to work, and I'll do everything I can to find a job from there, from Nantes. I spent a month in Nantes just a while ago with my French boyfriend, and the plan is to live with him the next year there. And to be able to stay a long time in France, I need a job to afford everything.

I'm very eager to learn and I don't give up, ever. If I start doing something, I do it well. I don't want to disappoint my boss or anybody else. My only problem to work in France is that I don't speak French. I speak English very well, but French is a problem. This summer I'll be studying hard to learn the language.

So I'm looking for a job from Nantes, or near by, in which the French language is not required. I'm open to do any job offered. I'm used to hard working and I'm not afraid of challenges.

         With best regards, Emma!

Hi Emma,

I will be moving to Nantes this July, 2015. Let me know when/if you end up moving to Nantes. I would be happy to meet up :)
(I am from Canada by the way)
Best of luck with finding work!
Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to chat.