Girl Friends in Karlsruhe

Hi Everyone! I am currently working and living in Karlsruhe, Germany, and looking for friends to go out with. :)

My Interests include trying new resturants, going to events, taking trips to different cities within germany, participating in sports classes, etc.




Please note that your post was moved on the Germany forum for bettr visibility :)

Maybe a longer introduction and some information about your places of interest and hobbies might help creating some contacts.

Best of luck,

Hasnaa Team

hii. am chandru. i dont know much german. i know english very well. am from neuss near dusseldorf . if u r interested reply me . i would like to meet new people.

Chandru, LBW wrote Girl Friends  :huh:

Hey LBW, not sure if you are checking this.
I am a fun easy-going Irish girl living in germanyfor the past ten months. Looking to meet some friends in Karlsruhe. I love travel, fashion and trying new things!

My email is if you want to met for coffee or some cocktails!


Hi ,how are you?  It's me Atif here. I am interested to meet with new peoples.

Hi Atif,

The person that created this topic is looking to enlarge her Girl Friends in Karlsruhe network. ;)