Finding a job and work sponsorship in the USA

As a graduated Singaporean, you may be eligible to the H1B1 that has no quota but hurry up because application should be filled before end of March so you have to first find your sponsor company and get a job offer before this date.
Here more info to find H1B1 sponsor company:

As I don’t know your whole profile and past, better you follow the whole process by running Visa Simulator so you will be on the right track to find your sponsor.

Hope it helps

I assume you're a USMC veteran given your nickname, hence me reaching out to you.

What are my chances as a Dutch national (currently residing in The Netherlands) of getting a GC+job geared towards serving the private sector [no US govt contracting] in the high end security risk mitigation industry?

I am 39, hold a grade A masters in war studies and have Dutch DoD top brass experience with substantial achievements.

Is there a better, more efficient way to get in touch with PMSC's other than simply 'search, apply and hope for the best'? It doesn't seem to work for me as I'm applying through a revolving door. It's always a 'no' -if I get any response at all.

I get that they're mostly looking for operators, but I figure every PMSC needs brainpower as well. People that deal with business development, inventory management and permanent equipment scouting, strategic planning, operational design and combat development, things like that.

Any help would be much appreciated, as for now I'm kinda out of ideas.

Hi everyone:
I would like to know what are the jobs offered to people of north africa in the USA?
I would be very thankful for any information.

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