Finding a job and work sponsorship in the USA

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Your profile says that you are an American citizen living in the U.S. Can you please shed the light on your query and guidance you are looking for ?




Thanks for sharing about Craiglist - I was checking it yesterday.

I'm looking for job in the USA

I'm looking for job in the USA
-@Jacob Nimlin

What are your qualification? You need to have at least a Master in technical or scientific areas or be in a very rare sector.


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Look there is "Illegal" and there are "bending the rules in your favor".

Like if you are a gangbanger entering the US for the dope trade, that is illegal.

If you are a foreign immigrant looking for a better life through hard work and true love that is bending the rules.

Al a matter of scale to me, and the rest of the world.

Nice post, thank you

@usmc_mv Thank you so much for this great information. I really want to search for a job in USA, and this post is really helpful for me.


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Hello here,

I'm looking for a sponsorship Job here in Hawaii Honolulu

I hold a master degree in HR from Benin and 15 years of expérience as administrative and consular Assistant

If i get job in a cleaning company i Can do it and also as a Care giver in homes for eldery person.

I'm 43 yo


Hello CicaRo,

Please create your CV in the Jobs in the USA section of the website.

Thanks in advance


Very informative details about USA work visa I am from Pakistan for us it's very difficult to obtain USA visa for Pakistani passport holder only Arab countries is to get easier work

I want to study and work in the Us


Hello and welcome !

Find all the information pertaining to studies and work in the Living in the USA guide for expats.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.