Finding a job and work sponsorship in the USA

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I went to college in NY and got a bachelors in marketing. After graduating from college the US gives you a 1 year legal work permit. It sounds very difficult to find a job as an international student with a 1 year permit. Like who would hire and train you when you will be there only a year? Surprisingly I got a job at a tech company as a marketing coordinator. Its all about how aggressive you are and how bad you need a job. If you prove those two then you would get the job!

hi i have the university hons degree in business information technology however i would like to come there and experience western culture and am currently seeking any opportunity especially au pair job. do u think  my reuest might be approved at the embassy

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Please feel free to post an advert in the Au pair job offers in the USA section, this might surely be helpful.



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If you have a college degree, and are in a professional position your chances increase. Unfortunately, and no pun intended - a position as a cashier at a fast food chain won't qualify you for a work visa and you are wasting your time. :D

Do you know how much one has to prove to the government in order to get a work visa?
I read that you have to show them that you will earn enough there to finance yourself (insurance, rent, food, other expenses). But say if I live with other people and don't have to pay rent or alone the rent costs are very much different, there a fixed number that I need to at least have/earn at my job?


I have some suggestions for you. My friend tried to find a job and browsed jobs on different websites.  There are several ones he likes most of all. There is a plenty of jobs there, an enormous count of different industries with wide range of salaries.


I'm currently getting my masters in UK and have graduated from a reputed university in US for my undergraduate degree. I'm hoping to work in US after I'm done with my masters, but it seems as though the only companies offering visa sponsorships are tech and finance (which are pretty far from my degree...). Any suggestions to which industry/company I can apply to? Would it hurt a lot that I don't have a one year OPT? Any help will be appreciated!


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What is your degree in and what kind of position are you seeking?

Bob K

I had a young British photographer ask me to sponsor her for a visa to live and work in the USA. She hired an attorney specializing in US Visas, and the attorney simplified the process somewhat by making each step and each required document and contents clear.

Specifically worded letters of recommendation are required from USA professionals in her field. Then there was something called an Evidence Letter required before the government forms are completed.

If I sponsored her, I was legally obligated to pay for her flight home in case of any family emergency. She asked if I would accept a letter from her and her father stating that they would pay such expenses if I would accept the obligation in the government documents.

I preferred they provide, for me to hold, a reasonable amount of cash for her return flight and expenses. But they didn't want to do that and were not very pleasant people to deal with. They wanted everything their way with no consideration of my issues. I was expected to take on a huge liability! I could lose my property if she became ill or had some legal dispute while in the USA or other problems. I doubt that a letter from them to me stating that they would pay expenses would impress the US federal government. US Gov wants their payments! Whatever arrangement I had worked out would be for me to deal with. I would probably have to pay in a timely matter and then attempt to recover funds from her family in the UK! I decided not to sponsor her.

MarieKaz wrote:

I decided not to sponsor her.

Of course you did, as anyone in their right mind would.

Hi Bob,

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I have a film/media degree +marketing certificate from my undergrad institution in US and a sociology masters degree from my current school in UK. I have internship experiences in cultural industries and administrative field, and would ideally want a research related position(could be both academic/market research), but am willing to try out any different field of work if that would get me a visa. Any advice is appreciated!


May I ask what sort of position you were looking to hire her for?

I have been working in US Medical Billing RCM for 7 years in India. I am looking an opportunity in US to proceed further in my life. I know about typical US Medical system like physicians, insurance, HIPAA and all other stuff require to bill claims to Federal, commercial and Motor Vehical (No fault insurance) and get the payments.
I would look for a response from group. Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody!
I'm a dance teacher and choreographer, studied a MFA in Dance the US few years ago and now living in Bogota, Colombia. My husband is thinking about going back to the US to work, but he is still looking for a sponsor for H1B. In the meantime, I'd love to find a J1 visa sponsorship either for teaching Dance (preferable at a university environment, but K12 is an option too) or studying for a certification, in California (around LA area or Bay area)
Does anybody have any idea of what organizations give this kind of opportunity?
Thank you for reading my post! :)

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I've a couple of interviews before with US companies like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM etc. during different times of the year. I get a sense that they are usually a bit picky with the time frame on when they are hiring someone who needs a H1-B visa as it all depends on whether the cap has been met. Would anyone know from experience typically when / how fast would the cap be reached per year and how far in advance should one apply in order to not reach the cap?

Hi Philip, as far as I know, there is a deadline for the companies to send applications for H1B, and this year it's April 1st. Last year the cap was reached 5 days later… that's why US companies are picky about it. I'm telling you because my husband is on that process right now… not sure if somebody else have a better response for you… good luck!

Thanks for the info. At least it gives me some idea of what to expect.

Although with a deadline, means there's a start date too? So when you say 5 days it reached its cap - does mean 5 days after the start date, which in this case will be earlier than April 1st?

Thanks for posting up such useful info :)

You might find more accurate information about h1b here: … cap-season

Hi matt, am so impressed at the way u give replies concerning visas. Am Concerned about my hubby, he works in Qatar as a safety and fire fighting officer with OSHA certificate, scaffolding certificate and 2 years experience. He works at Doha international airport. The reason he is leaving middle east is due to the harsh weather condition and now we are relocating to US and I heard its quite difficult to adjust status. Pls we need your advice on this issue. Thanks.....

Thank you for this useful information. I have a question. I am foreign, but I have already had a visa to the USA, and my father has also already worked there at some point. I will also most likely go to collge in the U.S. on a student visa and get my Bachelor's degree. Do you think that that is useful and beneficial for job applications/Visa sponsorship? Do you know if there are companies who generally employ former international students after they have attended college in the U.S.?
Thank you so much in advance!

am look for the sponsor

Hello everybody,

I am Norbert from Germany. I'm currently looking to relocate to the USA.
The US where always the place where I wanted to live. I don't feel
that we have the same level of freedom here in germany.
Anyway, before I make too much plans about moving to the US,
how are the current Job Chances for Mechanical Engineers over there?
I have 3 years of experience in mechanical engineering.
The last project I worked on were these
Would skills with products like these be in high demand?
What can a mechanical engineer earn in the US and which regions have the most jobs available for mechanical engineers?

Thanks in advance,
Norbert Voss

Thanks for the information it's very useful...

Am Ondirk looking for a Sponser

Hello,how are you today am George from Kenya am looking who can Sponsorship me please i need your help two my college please help me if you need more here is my email *** please i need you

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Hello everyone,
I'm a Ukrainian national and finished my MSc in Stats with finance in the UK a month ago as well as had received my BSc in maths over there prior to that. So, studied in the UK for 5 years.

Looking into finding a job and a sponsor in the USA. Just wondering how realistic my chances of that are and if it would be possible at all.
I'm a graduate, barely any experience in financial industry, looking into starting my career in trading now.

Please, let me know what you, guys, think :) Thank you so much!
Warm regards :)

in your situation, finding a job and a sponsor comes to the same thing.... have you checked yet, the US Embassy website (The visas pages)? it is very clear about how to get a visa...
You might want to  apply in all positions you can find on the targeted companies' websites, send your resume and be ready to go.

Now if you just wanna work outside Europe, actually Australia and Canada, provides Young adults with specific working permits, you might want to consider also.... I have read that the States were going to propose the same kind of visa: you apply, get the visa and have 6 months in the country to find a job.... Check that visa status on the US Embassy's pages.

you can also apply for a position in the UK to work as an expat in the States and you do not have to worry about sponsoring...
Break a leg!

Thanks a lot for your prompt response!:)

I did check all of that and I'm familiar with the visa procedures and requirements.

My question was whether it would be easier for me to find a sponsor in the UK or the U.S.  (I hope there are some people in this forum who are familiar with financial industry, because that's where I'm trying to get into) :)

I plan to go into investment banking or trading. I'd rather focus on finding a sponsor in one specific country rather than spread my attention between the two.

Warm regards and the best of luck to everyone,

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm from Portugal and I have a Masters in Educational Psychology. My goal is to move to US and from my research I came to the conclusion that moving to there is not easy, but I'm determined! I'd like to ask if you know any company that usually accepts emigrants? I've been searching companies here in Portugal who have offices in the U.S., but nothing until my area of expertise is hard and I already know that I have to do again an internship in order to work as a psychologist. So I'm looking pretty much for any kind of job were my education can be valuable.

Thank you in advance!

@Nicole, it is difficult to find a US-based company to hire you directly from Portugal. The best way would be to go for your doctoral degree here in the US. Doctoral programs, they normally can offer students graduate assistanship that would allow you to go to school for free and at the same time getting a monthly allowance for living. After finishing your doctoral degree, it would be easier for you to find employment here in the US.

Hi :)

Thank you so much for your reply! I guess that's the best option for me so far..I'm going to check that possibility.

Hope you're having or going to have an Amazing day!


I am waiting for my visa number for my I130 visa as it has been approved since 2010. (F4)
My sister works for State and my brother in law works for Federal. My brother in law was a retired Air force personnel and now works for Federal.
With these kind of background, is there anyway I can seek help to speed up my case?
Do you know if the State department gives sponsorship for someone like me if I apply for a State job?

I may sound naive in these issues but I truly need advice how I can get my green card sooner than the normal waiting?
Is there any specialized attorney for these kind of situation?

Thank you

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salma juma wrote:

am look for the sponsor

Still looking?


I have heard of traineeships you could do in the US as a foreigner on a J1 visa for a max of 18 months.

However I never really understood whether it was for students/very recent grads or anyone.

I want to move to LA but I graduated about 2 years ago and have just over 2 years of professional experience already, do I still qualify for a traineeship? Or are they really only looking for students/recent grads?

Thanks for your help.

Maeva89 wrote:


I have heard of traineeships you could do in the US as a foreigner on a J1 visa for a max of 18 months.

However I never really understood whether it was for students/very recent grads or anyone.

I want to move to LA but I graduated about 2 years ago and have just over 2 years of professional experience already, do I still qualify for a traineeship? Or are they really only looking for students/recent grads?

Thanks for your help.

There are all kinds of J-1 visas available,  requiring fluent English language and sponsorship by a college, government agency or individual.