seeking Budapest room for three months

I will be taking languages classes in Budapest for three months at Intl House, quiet retired teacher. Approx dates Sept 24 to Dec. 21.  Anyone have a room, or recommendations for an older women on a budget?  Wifi desirable, near transportation desired.

Without advertising other sites have you checked AirBnB or even Couchsurfing? I believe both could work (disclaimer: used the later only to date).
Also there is a specialized site for roomsharing but it is more geared towards young students. I believe it's ...
Good luck and let us know how it went!

Will check out couchsurfing.  Airbnb can sometimes be expensive but will check.  If someone's Magyar Grandma has a small pension and could use a housemate for a little forint before Christmas, let me know! 

If you are in Vienna and ever at the uni. Wien economics dept. give a big kiss to Manfred Nermuth from me, mainly because he is a professor and it will embarrass him. 


Hi Melody,

My grandparents have lucky passed out on todays silly world. But I'll try to keep my ears open.


Dear Melody,

I just might have a place for you. I know an elderly lady, who lives in a central location, with excellent transportation,and she has an extra room where you could stay. There is an Internet connection. I also have a friend who is abroad at that time and whose condo is empty but I am not sure about WIFI connection there. When he is here he uses a laptop. Let me know if you are interested, HunGrecUsa

Please send me costs and your particulars.  Thank you.

Dear Melody,

Could you tell me what were you thinking about cost wise, what is you budget, so I can tell the lady about.
The household is smoke free, no pets, the lady speaks basic English, the condo is in the 9th district in the Pest side, close to the 4 and 6 tram that runs along the main boulevard of Budapest. Shopping is close by, the main, oldest and most beautiful market is not far,either, theaters and museums are also close. The condo is located on the 1st floor (second American).
If you have any questions please let me know.

Please tell me about yourself a little bit. My email address is gorogkataliatyahoodotcom. Thank you, HunGrecUsa

My email address is "gorogkatalin at yahoo dot com"  I misspelled it in the earlier email, thanks, HunGrecUsa

And I am looking for a Room/flat for a friend called Cornelia from now for a period of ca. 3 months.
preferably near Boráros Tér, or at the Tam 4/6 or Metro3(blue)
she can pay approx 60k HUF for a room or 90 000 HUF for a flat per month.

She is from Bolzano/Bozen, Italy, speaks German(first language) , Italian, French and English.
She came here to teach German in Goethe Institut from now until July.

You can contact her via sending a PM to me,
or via her FB page:

Hi fireroller,

Can you please post an advert in the section housing in Budapest to help your friend find an accommodation?

Thank you,


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