Andalusian/Moroccan interior design& Contracting company Hiring in Riy

Dear all

Searching for a advanced level Auto cad & 3D Max operator for our interior design & contracting company.

We specialize in Moroccan / Islamic design, based in Riyadh at our showroom on Takhasusi street.

The salary and package will be discussed upon enquiry.

looking for a person with level of skill capable of dealing with high detail in the design.

Please PM Me for more details,

P.S Individuals with a TRANSFERABLE IQAMA ONLY..

Hi you are seeking an expat, or should I say expert with the skill of dealing with high detailed design, I would assume this would start at 13000SAR per month, plus accomadation and insurance. :o If not, I would like to know why employers do know pay expats what they rightfully deserve.

Please enlighten me. Much thanks.

Helo Suzan

I presume with a salary like that for an Auto cad operator, you must be able to replicate the entire Alhambra Palace blindfolded. :p

I was thinking along the ranges of 5,500-7000SAR including all the ++

Being an expat or not is irrelevant,  your level of skill is what reflects the package.

I don't understand--I never saw any mention of salary in the initial post.

The reality here is that if people need a job, they will come and whatever they receive is enabling their life even if, as westerners, we think they should be receiving more.

They always have the option to not accept an offer. It's that simple.

As for employers underpaying, that's what employers try to do every where.

Hi 1Faisal > can you please post this advert in the jobs in Riyadh section? Thank you.

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