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Hello, I currently live in South Africa, my husband just got a job in Tunisia, I was wondering how the education is over there, do they have private schooling, and is it as good as the private schools in South Africa.  if any of you have any information on the schools please let me know. Thank you

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Can you give us some details whether you are looking for a primary or secondary school. This can help in guiding you. :)

You may find more information on the Tunisia forum, feel free to read some topics.

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Im looking for a primary school, my son is going to grade 2.  he is currently in a private school in South Africa, are there schools over there that meet the same standard? please let me know and thank you for responding David

héy ,I think there is some and I think they are all Expensive
(if you're gonna to live here you should teach him french or arabic) if you need anything else you can ask for it (prices,the place that you'll live is it good or not ....)
whatever,have a nice day :D

Hi, there are many private schools: french schools, american, british and also tunisian ones...they have all good reputation..of course the american is the most expensive...

I confirm  the American school is very good.
My 2 children are there, they loved it.

The main issue is clearly the price which is crazy


We also just arrived to Tunis and we have enrolled our son into the only British School. The school is new and small (1 class /year) but all teachers are native English speakers.  For the price I confirm.. It is very very expensive! More information could be found in

Hi Oumadam

The British School may be expensive but it is not the most expensive school in the Tunis region, by a long way! Delighted you have registered.


Yes you are right, I just compare via the website, American School is almost double

Yes I am glad we were able to find a place for our son :)
And yes the American school is much more expensive!!!

hi , i am an american and just moved here to tunis . i am not sending my 2 kids to the american school for the price i could send them to Harvard ( maybe not ) but it is more expensive then the most expensive school in the states .

Hi there, not sure how old are your kids? There's just a new preschool that will open next week up for kids up to 5 years old and they do activities for older kids and their prices is very reasonable compared to american. I put my 3 years old son there, it's called clubanglais and is at la Marsa. Otherwise there's the british school for older kids which is less expensive than the American. Unfortunately these are the only choices for English speaking schools in Tunisia, other schools would require French. Hope this helps..

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