Taking a car to Tunisia? School in Tunisia?

We will be moving soon to Tunisia with my husband, our son and a newborn baby (at the moment I am 6 month pregnant :) ). My question is: Does any of you now what paper work do I have to fill which offices to visit to take our cars with us if \I get a Tunisian residentship? I now it is possible because we asked about it once but we weren't given any details. And also, what is the age when children start school in Tunisia?

Thanks for your help :)

Hi Evalina, firstly, you can take your car here as it is with the foreign licence plates. The validity is 3 month with a possible extention of another 3 month. Note that you or your husband will get this stamped into your passport. So if you want to leave the country ... you'll have to come up with a damned good explanation where the car is now. What you will need to do is to get a franchise through customs etc. to import the car and optaine a "RS" licence plate. The organization that you guys will be working for needs to help you with that. I can also give you contacts here, including moving company etc. In essence, there is not much you can do right now: you firstly need to get your Card sejour, your local residents permit. if that stage is done, you can move on to the franchise, as mentioned. hope that helps, cheers, Seb

another vital info: as almost everywhere on the continent, the fuel quality is very low. In particular Diesel. In Tunisia we have two types of Diesel: Gosoil normal and Gazoil 50 (mazut 50 in Arabic). The quality of the Diesel 50 is supposed to be higher. However, note that the chemical composition is different from regular diesel in e.g. Europe. Hence, some cars f... up when you fuel up. In particular Mercedes doesn't run on this Gasoil 50. Also another tip: don't necessarily buy new cars and bring them here ... the local driveing is ... how to say ... contact intentsive :-) Cheers, Sebastian

Hi Evelina!

Regarding school, some kindergarten accept children as young as two-and-a-half years old. Pre-school here starts at three years old. There are only two English schools here: the International School of Carthage and the American Cooperative School of Tunis. Unfortunately, there are no British School or school which follow the British curriculum. However, there are a lot of French private schools here, needless to say.

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