Petitioning for someone to come to the USA

I am interested in a man from Algeria. We began chatting on Facebook then on Skype. I am concerned because I live in the USA and he is in Algeria. I know the Immigration petition process can be long and emotional to bring him here, also I do not meet the financial guidelines and would need a co-sponsor to bring him here. None of my family members would ever consider bringing someone here from another country. I am also concerned about our age difference since I am older than him and I can not give him children. He is Muslim and only 32 years old and I am 47. I have never met a Muslim man that doesn't want children. Should I back out now since we just began corresponding and just tell him we can be just friends, or should I give it sometime and leave it in Gods hands?

I would back away. there is too much of a difference.

Well you better be friends cause he is much younger 15 years is too much.Good luck

Yeah, I had a relationship with a guy 16 year my junior, didn't work out. Was a waste of my time. I know age is only a number, but there is more too it.

difficult situation but I advice you first to try meetin' him in Algeria than things will be clear for both of you, and to get the Algerian Visa is much easier than the US one in Algiers... good luck ;-)

it depends on him if he really want you for  real love or smth else (greencard)
also if you planning to have marriage you have to do it in algeria first and in ambassy when they notice the deference of age it will be a bit annoying for procedure

Apart from the age difference, which, to me is okay,(I am 25 years older than my wife) there are the cultural differences to take into account. These would be much greater to overcome.

The question of children you have already raised.
In what country would you settle.
How would he handle you being of a different religion.
Would your family accept him into their lives and, conversely, would his family accept you into their lives.
Money sounds like a potential problem.

IMHO I think you should bail out.

i see many suggestions her,u seems intrested to this man,follow your heart and give it a try,nothing to loose,time maybe?there isn t waste of time to knowing people,and u keep thinking about kids,u didnt even ask him,u cant know what he think,if u dont try.....the password is try...good luck


i can relate to you ,
if you are willing or hoping to bring him to your Country ,,there's a fiancée  visa ,its a bit expensive but it can be done plus you'll need at least to visit Algeria and meet him face to face in order to make the process legal and real and also considered by the American authorities ,
i could help more the age is not that really  of big difference

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I read your post about bringing someone that you met on Facebook that lives in Algeria to the USA. I want to tell you that I am an American woman and currently live in the USA and my husband is still residing in Algeria. We were married in November of 2013 and met in September of 2011. We communicated with each other for over a year before I traveled there to marry him and I thought that I knew everything about him. He was charming, handsome, smart and was my best friend. When we married here, everything changed. He stopped being charming, I found out that he had secrets about other women that he didn't disclose to me and his love and attitude changed dramatically towards me. I spent 7 months with him in his city and I believed that he wanted to create a life with me and in my business that I have in the USA. I came back the USA and I started noticing that he asked for money all the time, he was angry at me for USCIS taking a long time for the K3 visa that we applied for and then had fraud in my tax account with the IRS in 2013. He had asked me for money for a car and was furious that I wouldn't receive the money for 6 months since there had been fraud on my account with the IRS. After that, I noticed the sweet phone calls became less and less and the same with the texting. I was also pregnant and noticed that he was not there for me and the fighting became more and more between us. I have spent over $3,000 in fees for USCIS and lawyers to date, sent him over $1,800 in the last year because he would say he needed help all the time and then  he hacked into my business accounts and stole my identity, my company and all of my financial information. I need to say, do not do it. They are on every social networking site for several purposes only. They want women to send them money, a visa and you will be sorry that you did it. I can speak for every person that has married someone oversees. It rarely works out. To this day, I cannot believe that this is the same person that I met 3 years ago. He had to be sweet and charming to get me to come there to marry him. After you are married, the problems will begin. Immigration can take between 12-24 months to get approval, thousands of dollars and in the end, chances are they will divorce you when they get what they want. I cannot tell enough women out there not to do this. Your parents are very smart to not co-sign to do this. You are responsible for them and once you marry, they can do more harm to your personal and financial life. Now, I am spending thousands more to recover my business from him and have had to hire legal advisors there to work with my lawyers in the USA for a divorce and to press criminal charges against him. I have to get new ID, passports and social security card because he has that information global now. The best advice is, marry someone in your own country where you have legal recourse and are protected in situations like this. I hope this helps you with your questions.


first of all i would like to apologize in behalf of all good algerian men :) and this man you have met is a very bad image and example for our country , anyway i do not agree with you one some points about trying to generalize all the algerian men in one section or category :) , i have been with an American woman for like 2 years and still ;) , and we had some projects online mainly a music website and i was the administrator of the website and also had all her access to different sites related to  our project even the one with her credit card and all her infos , but i never even thought to hurt her like steal or hack her money , she put full trust on me and i will be always thankful for that ,  :) , she's a very sweet person ,smart and cute :) ,
sorry to hear your story and i hope one day God will punish that guy as well and i wish you the best

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