Indian want to marry Algerian girl - Procedures?

Hi Everyone,

I'm an Indian when i recently when to Algeria for project training . I meet one girl and we have decided to marry

what are the procedure to get the Algerian visa.

Kindly please help me on that because their parents also accepted for our marriage. And please let me know any age constraints are there currently im 24 year and she is 21 . we have decided well to continue our life in Algeria.

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01- First of all you have to be muslim.

Because a muslim man marry a non muslim girl but a muslim woman can NEVER marry a non muslim man.

02- her age 21 is ok. There is no problem.

03- for visa and procedure you have to check with algerian ambassy in india to have the right informations.

If you are a non Muslim, then you would be forced to convert to Islam to marry her. Are you ready to do that?