Getting married with a foreigner

Hey everyone,

I am an Algerian citizen (girl) and planning to get married with a foreigner . My question is that if we do online Nikkah, is it accepted by the Algerian government or not? and is it valid for visa application?

thank you 

Hey Khaoula, Algerian girl married to a British man here. No, online Nikah will not be recognized by the algerian government. The best route to take is to get married here in Algeria, then get the marriage recognized by the embassy of your husband's country here in Algeria. Once recognizedn they will give you the visa with no issues. The process of marrying a foreign man here in Algeria is very lengthy, but it's all worth it if you're marrying the right person. Good luck ❤️


I have a quick question, the foreign man who came to Algeria to submit the documents with the wilaya, how long did he have to stay in Algeria for? Is there a specific amount of time he needs to stay?

Thank you