Jamaican in love with Algerian man

Hi, guys I am in love with an Algerian man that I have met on face book we have been communicating for the past
9 months, we also communicate on skype.  We are dying to meet in person and possible get married and have children do you think it is possible.

Hi Janice12,

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Can you please give us more details regarding your current situation?

Do you want to marry in Jamaica or in Algeria?

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Hi Hasnaa,

I want to get married in Algeria...we are of different race I am Black and he his Indian...his parents does not know about us, my parents supports my decision cause they know that I am truly in love with him.  Do you think it would be possible for me to get married in Alger, Algeria.

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hello Janice12, hope you are fine
well, you can get married in Algeria like everywhere else
but i think before you do that, have you asked him what would his parent say about his marriage with you, because they may refuse, especialy if you have a different religion
you are welcome for any question

Hi Priscilla,

Hope you are OK, thanks for replying to message it was very helpful.

Hi Nadji22uk,

I am happy that you wrote cause it give me so much hope.  Today I spoke to his father on Skype for the very first time we spoke about other things but he never bring up the topic of me being married to his son.  I think his father is trying to know me before he agrees to his son having a life with me.  I am so in love with this guy and he with me.  We can't wait to start our life together as husband and wife.  I welcome your advice, thank you.

hello Janice12,
yeah i can imagine how excited you both are to start your new life, im so happy for you that you have spoken with his father today, actualy it is a good sign for you, means his father is open-minded for such relations which are not very popular in my society.....i realy wish you succes in your  aims and good luck :)
you are welcome anytime for any kind of help or advice

Hi nadji22uk,

I am so happy today because I was on Skype with his two sisters they want to know me more so they add me to their contact list. They said that they can't wait to meet me and that their father is very protective but he likes me and I'm to never give up on their brother because he loves me very much...nadji22uk I thank you for your encouraging words and I'm very happy to be communicating with you.

hello Janice12
im so happy for you too for the good news, talking to your future sisters in law :)  is really encouraging
yeah dear keep the hard work you are doing, and do not need to thank me, it is a pleasure to see people working hard and achieving their aims
hope to hear more good news from you

Hi nadji22uk,

Things just keep getting better for me and my fiancee, his family are great I am so much in love with them already...can't wait to meet them in person.

hello Janice12

thats very good to hear really
i really wish you the best to come very soon
and dont forget to ask anything you might want to know
take care :)

Hi Janice, welcome to Expat.com, i am more than happy to assist you, i am also an Algerian married to a lady from usa she is currently with me in Algeria for over 7 month now,
You can marry and reside in algeria if you wish, please feel free to contact me
best regards


I'm curious on how your potential marriage went. I am currently in talks with an Algerian man myself.   I am also Jamaican background too. I am from Canada though.

Please share an update.

yes why not ^_^

rymnouna wrote:

yes why not ^_^


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