Geting married to an algerian police officer

Hi everyone,

i am from EU and live in UK for 15 years (i am not british citizen as i was not intrested into but i have ILR)

I am in a relation with an algerian men and plan to live in Uk and would like to get married in Uk not Algeria.

There is a huge problem we try to find a solution for.

He is a police officer and looks like he can have just an algerian wife.

He need always permision to travel apart of visa.

Is no guarantee his fiance/spouse visa will get aproved quiq or will be approved ,because of his job he can be banned from leaving the country plus dismissed .

He have a family there and as normal he would like to visit them without restriction.Anyone faced this kind of situation and can advice please?

Thank you

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Thank you for sharing this with us.

I really hope someone on the Algeria forum will be able to shed some light on this situation so that you can have an idea of what can be done.

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@Deeen I am an Algerian security employee who can end the contract and travel



He is not allowed to marry you unless he RESIGNS from his Job,from the beginning he is not allowed to be in a relationship with you if his superiors find out he will face JAIL( he knows that for sure)

those who works for police , army and any other government serving (active duty services members )

are not allowed to have relationship with foreign citizens, if he wants to marry you ( or be with you)he has to resign he has NO option .


@Deeen I am an Algerian security employee who can end the contract and travel
-@nano hani

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How exactly can you help the OP?

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@Yoginee The documents are paid to the security department to cancel the task contract, but the police officer does not need to cancel the contract. The policeman can request a visa because he does not belong to the Ministry of Defense. It is affiliated with the public guests sector

@nano hani

Hi thank you, sound scary , he is aware can be fired but not the jail side

@lou lou34

Thank you for your answer

@nano hani

@Lou lou said he can go to jail , we know that can be fired ,nobody knows as we been very careful.

You havrn't made anything public.

Well he will leave the job if he have to.

Thank you


He could resign and marry you simply.

Good luck

@nano hani  hi ,was easier to can get married in Tunisia but they stopped this  i don't need visa for Tunisia

To get married in Romania ,my country ,is worse then Algeria because of the visa also.

It was easier also.

Just lost my options