getting married in algeria : algerian - british girl

Hey everyone
Im adel from algeria im 24 years old  i met a girl from uk she moved to irland for two years and she back home this week , we really falling in love more and more day by day we want to get married and got a lot of plans to do together but both of us have no idea how we can do to marry here in algeria so i would be thankfull if anyone can give us any informatuon that can help

4 to 8 months here in Algeria Vs 3 days in tunisia !

Hey thanks for responding bro i just wondering if u can give me more informations.
In tunisia what all we have to do me and my gf and what we need all in orser to get married there
i would be thankfull if u give me more info about all that
Thank u in advence man
or google الزواج المختلط في تونس and you will find so many experiences !

Thank u so much bro its really so kind of u