Friends in Turin!

Italian girl looking for foreign friend in Turin!

Hello Annalisa90,

welcome to!

I moved your post to the Anglophone Turin forum for better interaction with other members.

I hope that you'll soon make some new friends :)




I am a foreigner living in Turin - I am working here since a year and looking for a friends!
I speak english, italian, polish and german if I need to :)

If you would like to hang around, let me know!

Hello gosias83.

Welcome to :)


Karen :)


french guy looking for italian friend in Turin :).

do you stay here in August Annalisa ?

see you,


My name is Katya. I am Russian . I 've been living in Turin for 10 month and i haven't yet met many friends.

If anyone want to hang out please write to me :)

welcome to turin :)

Ho Gosias,

Welcome to Torino!!! how do you feel living in Torino?

I am come from this city and there are lots of nice things to see...

I travel a lot then I know what does it means to have a friends around the world

If you need help just let me know.

Enjoy your time in Torino