Free/Cheap Italian Language Classes in Torino?

Hello everyone,

I am new to 'expat-blog'.  I am here in Turin temporarily for work (1.5 months total).  I'm hoping to pick up at least some Italian while I'm here, and I'm sure my co-workers here would appreciate that!

Does anyone know of any good and free (or at least cheap) Italian language courses close to the Turin city center?  Or are there any conversational programs (ie. cafe meetups where you speak Italian/English so people can learn both)?


Hi Gina and welcome to!

Have you tried to post an advert in Turin classifieds? It may help.;)


Hello Gina,
where you able to get what you were looking for ? Have you being trying to leave a note on the University wall at Palazzo Nuovo ?
Let me know

Hello Gina,
There are free languagae courses at A.S.A.I. (Asssociazione di Animazione Interculturale). Have a look at this: