Hi! I am a 27 year old American girl, grad student, just moved to Turin from Milan. Wanted to know if anyone was interested in going out for an apertivo sometime soon? Let me know!

Oh, and I would love to keep improving my Italian or do a language exchange - so if there are any Italians out there :)

Hi Jenniferkn!

You may also post an advert in the language exchange section of Turin classifieds!
It might help ;)


Ciao Jenny, I'd like to improve my comand of english drinkin' a good aperitivo... :P

I live in Torino since my birth...

Let me know!


Hi Jen! Welcome to Turin. Would love to meet up one day for an aperitivo.

Hi, Jen! My name is Teresa and I am from America, too! I'm spending the summer here in Torino with my boyfriend. I've been looking for people who live here from America because I have found it to be very lonely not knowing much Italian and exploring the city alone while my boyfriend is at work. There is a bar that holds and "English club" on Wednesday that my boyfriend and I like to go to because it makes me, personally, feel more comfortable. If you are interested in joining us let me know!

Welcome to Turin Teresa!

cool, anyone is up for an aperitivo on thursday?

Hi,my name is francesca,i.ve just come back from california and i.d like to meet americans who live in turin :)
My e mail is f.piccone@tiscali.it
hope you write me,
have a nice day

Hi I am a Thai woman living in Turin. Let's be friends!

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