New to Torino

Hello everyone!

I have recently moved to Torino and I still haven't found many friends, so I would like to meet other people to chat and share experiences and interests. I like, among many other things,  cinema, art, music and travelling. I can speak portuguese, spanish, english, french and I am trying hard to improve my italian.
See you :)

Hello cris_hill.

Welcome to :)

Hope you'll make some new acquaintances here.


Karen :)

Hi Cris !

My name is Katya , i am not very new to Turin , been living here for 10 month but still haven't made too many friends.

If you ever want to hang out , go for aperitivo , drink , to the park.... write me on my email:

Hope to hear from you!

hi chris,
i'm from turin...
if u need somethin write me

where are u from?:)

from Turin :)

where do u stay here ?
if u wanna drink something is better the downtown...

ok almost every night u can go to Piazza Vittorio for aperitivo or drink somethin after dinner ;)
or also in the QUADRILATERO...near PORTA SUSA :)

Hi Cris from Kriss :) Same name just a different game.

Why don't you try the Meetup groups, they have a website, and they have a group called Turin friends over English, among others.  I have a few friends who regularly attend their outings (pubs, restaurants etc) and they in turn have made many other friends.   It is a great way to meet people and get out and about.  It takes a while to make friends in Turin...  I would give yourself about 2 years to really start to make quality friends. 


good idea! :)