New in Turin

Dear Expats..........

Living in Turin. I have recently relocated here because of work and I am feeling a little lonely and would like to make some friends?????


hi i will be free in 2 weeks time if you fancy meeting to go to a museum

Hello Dee.

Welcome to! :)

What do you actually do in your free time?

Thank you,

My name is Vanessa,I'm from France and I arrived in Turin only this Monday. Looking to making friends too!
Maybe we can organize a little event this weekend or next week?
Who would be interested?

Dear Vanessa,
it would be a pleasure, this weekend am busy working but next week would be great, you could come over to my house for a coffee and a chat or we could meet in the centre, whichever you prefer
my email is

I would like to suggest a meeting in Turin so we can learn to know each other.
I propose Thursday 4th of October at 7 pm @ Lobelix café - Piazza Savoia, 4.
If you are interested please confirm your participation on the website or at my personal address
We can see how many people would be interested and postpone if not many are available.

Hi Vanessa I think I should be free, can confirm next week as I am building up my new timetable, but hopefully we can meet
thanks janie

Hello, or ciao!

I am new to 'expat-blog'.  I'm here in Turin temporarily for work (1.5 months total), and actually leave fairly soon, about 2 weeks from now.  I'm hoping to explore Turin though with other friendly travelers/expats/etc. 

I'm not sure if I can make the upcoming get-together next Thurs, but I will try.  Tues or Wed next week, if anyone wants to grab a quick dinner after work hours, let me know.



hope to see you at the next meeting

hey people still there for a meet :)

i am new to Turin .want to make some good friends ...!!

janiemorris wrote:

hi i will be free in 2 weeks time if you fancy meeting to go to a museum

Turin egyptian museum, "The Museo Egizio is a museum in Turin, Italy, specialising in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses the world's second largest collections of Egyptian antiquities after Cairo." :)

Hi everyone !! My name's Rim, I'm 21 and I'm Moroccan, I currently live in Fez, and I'm in my 4th year of studies at the National School of Business and Management with a specialization in "Financial Management and accounting. "I speak several languages​​: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. Currently, I am looking for an internship in Turin a period of 2 to 3 months, and I really admit that since I visited Milan and Turin, I really liked the two cities to point j I decided I spend my internship in one of them, if I finally found a training course, it is really not easy.
So I'm asking if someone could help me or just point me to know the firms in Turin, I would be very grateful.
Good day everyone.

u r welcome...
if u need something or if u have some questions write me...

thank u so much  :)