For emilia valentina in turin

Hi Emilia

for some reason expat won't let me write back to you!!!

Is your account new? Have you participated in the forums? Maybe you've sent out more than 5 copy & paste private messages.

If you're new, or have been inactive since the new anti-spam system was put in place you must 'activate' your private message privileges by participating in the forum. Post a topic, reply to a topic and your mailbox will be opened. The more you participate the larger its capacity will become.

If you have sent out more than 5 copy & paste PMs then you've been automatically locked out of PMs by the anti-spam system. The rules are clearly spelled out in the Terms of Use for Expat-blog

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

i think i just replied really only twice not had this problem with other people on expat before
thanks not sure i understand copy and paste as I didn;t copy and paste, just wrote the reply and hit send

Hi Janie, is there any notification message?
Could you please contact us with more details?