Any indian friends in turin

I am from India, currently in turin for short term assignment
looking for some friends in turin to rome around.

Hey hi,

    I am not in turin, I am next to if you wanna come to Milan someday....we can meet up and hang around!!! I just shifted here last year  end from new York.....I went India many years back as all my studies I completed in have more attachment with Indian friends :) .....I know most of Milan till u r welcome to Milan, if on any weekend, would be best!!!!!!!

thanks for u r respose, actually I have plan to visit milan next weekend but unfortunately I need to go to germany for official purpose & I will be back on 20th may.
so I will plan end of may some time.

I am in Siena, Italy with my Family. This is a  historic place.
You may want to plan a day trip to Siena. We definitely can host you for a day - Shreekant

Hi sreekanth,
Thank you for the invitaion, I am planing to visit pisa next weekend, will see, if possible i will visit siena.
thank you once again

Hi there are you still hanging around in Turin ? :)

ooh sorry, Its too late.
Now I m in India.
hope fully I may come again to Italy

haa hahah good joke ....