Danish lession

i'm italian girl i live in turin and next year i wanna move to copenhaghen,  i 've  bought a good book with the danish grammar but   i m looking for someone that could help me to learn  a basic danish, specially the pronunce. thank yuo bye!

Hi francescafa,

Welcome on board :)

I invite you to post an advert in the Language classes in Turin section please :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thank you so much for the advice :)

Hi Francescafa
I am Nina and from Denmark.
Currently I am living in Turin - if you would like any help for learning Danish I would like to help you. When ever with gramma, pronunciation, etc.
You are welcome to contact me.
Have a good day.
Best regards Nina

Hi Nina!
I recently moved back to torino after 5 yrs in Cph :). I'd like to hang out with some ppl from denmark and keep my danish goin .

Looking formare to hearing back from you!

Cheers ,

Hi Stefano :)

I'm so sorry!
I haven't seen your message. I went back to Denmark in the beginning of September. I would love to have met you.
What have you been doing in Denmark? :) and how is live back in Italy for you?
I come offend to Italy so maybe we can meet a day ;)

Best regards