Is Malta windy?


I'm thinking of moving to Malta, partly due to having developed chronic sinusitis which is made worse by the awful weather in Ireland. The wind seems to be the worst thing for it, so I'm wondering is Malta, being a small island, subject to much wind? Please say no. :)


We've been here for 10 days and it has been windy almost every day - sometimes worse than others - but windy nonetheless and some times unpleasant!! Sorry mate!

Jesus. Ok thanks for the info.

It can be but not always. Summer time it's not really windy but winter it is.

Well winters are rubbish everywhere I suppose, at least if the summers are good that would be something.Thanks for replying.

No problem. If you really are thinking about coming over
maybe a few trips first at different times of the year.
That's what we did and I am please we did. Weather is very
different in summer to winter. Last week was a bad week with bad
wind and rain. Good luck

Yes it is windy but unless you spend a lot of time outdoors it doesn't affect you so much. If you work indoors, are willing to drive (rather than wait at bus stops) and not into outdoor sport your exposure to the wind is likely to be minimal.

Yeah of course I will come over to visit before I pack my bags! Although as its coming into the summer months now its likely it will be lovely when I go for a trip over. How bad does it get in the winter? That's good advice lambada, but that's pretty much what I have to do here (driving everywhere and being indoors a lot), so ideally if I moved somewhere it would be so that I could live a more outdoors existence, I miss cycling! :)

This place isn't ideal for cycling due to a combination of narrow roads, inconsiderate motorists and of course the wind.

Our winters are humid, not generally a good thing for people with respiratory issues. Spain might be a better option for you.

badly built and unmaintained roads, plus very hilly uncertain areas. driving standards are not brilliant nor are the drivers considerate to cyclists.

as for wind - built up areas i have found to be not so windy - and always a lot waremr too in winter.... obviously exposed seafront areas will be the worst

And the summers are very hot :) I`ve realised that there are 4 more or less comfortable months a year in Malta: September, October, April and May:) In other months it`s either hot outside or cold inside:) And it`s rather dusty here, so if you have an allergic rhinitis, not the best place to live.

in simple terms yes it is.

"Is Malta windy?"

Is the pope catholic ?

hemlighet wrote:

I`ve realised that there are 4 more or less comfortable months a year in Malta: September, October, April and May:)

its somewhat more than that (or is in Gozo) : Sept - Dec and March-June

Four good months beats four good days here anyway!

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Lemmon wrote:

The Pope is Jesuit.

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Are Jesuits Catholics? Is Malta windy? :D

Well, I don't know about everywhere else, but here in Mellieha today, it's EXTREMELY windy! :o

forecast gale force 9 tomorrow evening

georgeingozo wrote:

forecast gale force 9 tomorrow evening

:/ really strange for May ( of course since i entered :)

georgeingozo wrote:

forecast gale force 9 tomorrow evening

Where have you seen that? I was checking it a few minutes ago but the highest forecast I saw was 40 km/h (that is Beaufort scale 6 -not 9-) tomorrow at 11pm.

22/05/2013 - 12:00 to 18:00 : WSW Force 7/8 - SW 3.0 metres
22/05/2013 - 18:00 to 00:00 : W Force 8/9 - W 4.0 metres
23/05/2013 - 00:00 to 06:00 : W Force 7/8 - W 4.0 metres (This is the source maltatoday use)

High 24 °C
Low 18 °C
East Southeast
F3-4 --> W F7 loc F8

What do you think is the best online source for forecast weather in Malta?