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Me again with yet another question.

My MIA has registered, has her ID card and we would like to get her bus pass card thingy sorted.  There are rumours that it will just turn up one day but rather than leave things to chance I would like to start the process.  Is there a form online I can print out or do I have to pick up the form somewhere?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


The Karta Anzjan, does act as a bus pass. It also gets you free crossings on the ferry and 1 or 2 other little perks as well. You have to be 60 years young to qualify, to do this you need to be registered here. I got mine a few weeks after my I.D Card and didn't need to apply it was automatic, got to say that was quite a surprise, but you do need to have your residency here to get it.

I'd suggest popping into your local council office, or phoning Malta Transport Authority Freephone 80072393

I'm quite surprised that your card arrived automatically. I have residentcy, ID card but have never received a thing. I was told to apply to the local council. Anyway, good luck.

I recently got my ID Card (  over 60 ), rang the local council regarding bus pass they told me they no longer issue bus. with your new ID Card ( on back it stated 60+ ) which should be entitle to reduced rate. I did present my new  ID Card to the ticket office, i pay for one day travel 1.50€  Before my new id i paid the same fare
I rang the council again and was told one should point out to the ticket office that you are over 60+ ( stated on your new id card ). I shall pointed it out the next time i travel by bus. Will keep you inform

The Karta Anzjan is no longer issued to holders of the new eResidence card, the card has 60+ on the reverse and that in theory is all you need.
In practice most bus drivers are now familiar with it and I have only had one instance when I have been charged the wrong price for taking the car on the ferry.

In the early days of the eResdence card I had a bus driver refuse and insist I needed the Karta so I emailed Arriva who wrote back saying that all drivers had been told and they altered there website to say either Karta or 60+ was ok. Unfortunately TM have reverted to saying you have to have the Karta Anzjan to get the senior rate although that is incorrect.

It should gradually get better as Maltese nationals who have an ID card replaced or receive a new one, as of the 12th January 2014, if they are over 60 also have the 60+ and no longer get issued with the Karta. Eventually all Maltese will have the new style cards.

I now get a cheap senior weekly ticket for euro 2.30 from the ticket machine and just show the 60+ if asked, most drivers just nod you through!


Have not had any unpleasant interaction when presenting our 60+ resident cards - have once or twice been questioned by bus driver but when we answer with a smile and explanation our 50cents is accepted.

The first post asking the questions was from June 2011 as was Herbie 64's comment. There should be no issues regarding this now as it was included in the Maltese news about 2 weeks ago and all Councils have been informed etc.

As i have mentioned before the council is no longer issue bus pass for pensioners.
If you have Maltese New ID Card ( on the back it stated 60+ ) that entitle you a reduce rate.
Today i was travelling to Sliema, when i got to the bus station i was watching people buying tickets from the ticket machine, then i had a look through and saw a ticket for CHILD OAP 0.50
I asked one of the staff there and he said if you have Maltese new id card and you are a pensioner that is the ticket you buy ( 0.50 ). I bought for my wife and i  ( 1.00€ )

singapore23................we know that. Thank you, The original thread is 3 years old!!

redmik wrote:

singapore23................we know that. Thank you, The original thread is 3 years old!!

The original thread may be 3 years old but it did not relate to the eResidence card which did not exist then.
Some bus drivers are still asking for the Karta Anzjan and only 3 weeks ago Gozo Channel ignored my  60+ card and charged the Gozo Residents price not the senior rate for the hire car I went across in.


That is unfortunate. Did you do anything about it?
The non issue of Karta Anzjan should now be widely known.
I have just written to the ferry company to clarify.

I  have written to TM as since they have taken over they have dropped the mention of the 60+ being acceptable from their website.
Arriva had ,by the end of their tenure, added the 60+ as an alternative instead of their original statement on their website that said EU seniors needed both cards!

It is now 6 weeks since I wrote to TM and I have reminded them twice to no avail but then I did not expect a reply.


Oh please, give it a rest!  :sleep
Arriva, Transport Malta, and Gozo Ferry are/were separate entities. No bus drivers on Gozo in my experience are asking for Karte Anzjan if you have 60+ and show it. Please stop your sniping, I am just trying to help. Unless of course you have anything more constructive to add? Which I doubt.

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