Drive from UK to Malta January 2022

We are moving to Malta in January as we have work out there. We have 2 small dogs that we are taking with us so we are going to drive from the UK to malta in January 2022. Previous posts on this are dated 2017 so looking for more up-to-date information. Has anyone done this drive and any recommendation on places to stay or advice would be very much appreciated. Anyone that has done this trip with dogs and can give advise on places to stay that accept dogs over night.

Thank you for your time, any advice would be great.

I would suggest that you read up on the UK Website HERE it gives you the latest details.

You will also need to read this from the BBC

Hope it helps.

Expat Team

When you look on google maps the shortest route from the UK to Malta is via France and Italy.
Accommodation on the way you can book with
Make sure these places provide for animals and offer free parking too.
When I booked my last trip I was taking the ferry from Genoa to Palermo. This service is carried out by GNV. Travels agencies in the UK should know which is the best travel connection. I booked the ferry with the German ADAC which is the travel agency of the automobile association. There is also a website of bookaferry which provides you with that service. An alternative is to drive the whole way through Italy. This may take 2 days.  In such a case I often stay in Lamezia Terme before I resume my trip to Malta on the following day. The ferry connection between Sicily and Malta is provided by Virtu Ferries.
However, before you reach Sicily you have to take another ferry between Calabria and Messina. There are 2 connections. In case the one at Villa San Giovanni is not working you can take the ferry of Coronte and tourist, the ferry line of the Italian automobile association.

It may take longer to reach here in January if the weather may not be too good driving through countries also the ferry from Sicily to here
sometimes is cancelled especially if it's windy.  Good luck.

Take the ferry to Dunkirk (Best Price) from there via Belgium ( use Michellin Routeplanner ) go through Germany to Garmisch ( Cheap fuel in Luxembourg ) All Motorways are free of toll unlike France.  Buy fuel off the Autobahn, in the next village. You save money. Continue to direction  Innsbruck (go downhill in 2 nd gear to Zirl) In Austria avoid Motorways, the "Brenner Autobahn" is the most expensive. Fuel, food and accommodation with breakfast ( "Zimmer frei") is cheapest in Austria. From Innsbruck via "Bundesstrasse" i.e. normal road to Brennero ( Brenner).From Brennero follow the Autostada, Toll until Salerno south of Naples. Never leave you car unattended. Stick to the speed limits. Best speed is arround 100 Km /h 60 miles/h. Going faster requires to many breaks.  Stay in Hotels with garage only. We stayed over night in Frosinone (South of Rome). Do not expect breakfast in southern Italy. Concering ferries to Malta, I am not up to date. I loved to use a roro trailer ferry going over night from Reggio di Calabria. Same price but cabin and breakfast included. I paid according to the length of my car. January is cold and the roads and bridges might be covered with snow, and ice. Even in France.



Can i ask if your travel to Malta was a successful?

And how much roughly it cost at the time?

I hope to drive from the south of the uk (Surrey) to Malta in June or July alone driving my van.

Im hoping to relocate if the visa and work materialise.

Im a tradesman so need my tools and transport.

As stated above there are a few different routes that ive seen.

Any advice on routes, stop overs, and especially costs would be much appreciated.



You will probably not get an answer from somebody who wrote his story as a guest in 2021. However, all the necessary information was mentioned by other people and you should not have a problem travelling to Malta. Just reserve 3 days for travelling and fill up your vehicle in Luxembourg  where the fuel is almost as cheap as in Malta. I also remember fuel is cheaper in Austria than in Germany or in Italy. Therefore fill up in Austria and take the GNV ferry from Genoa to Palermo. After that drive from Palermo to Pozzallo where you can catch the ferry to Malta.

Some suggestions

Route: UK-Malta

Dover UK (ferry)

Calais France

Renescure France (over the Alps)

Santenay France (over the Alps)

Pietra Ligure Italy

Genoa Italy (ferry)

Palermo Sicily

Pozzallo Sicily (ferry)

Valletta Malta

Route: Malta-UK

Valletta Malta (ferry)

Pozzallo Sicily

Palermo Sicily (ferry)

Genoa Italy

Riva Ligure Italy

Verbiesles France

Calais France (ferry)

Dover UK

Trip expenses

UK to Malta

Driving from UK to Malta - petrol only (none on toll routes) 1217 miles, € 240.00

Accommodation UK to Malta (8 nights camping) € 200.00

French vignette for air quality certificate (for one year) € 5.00

Ferry 4x UK to Malta (with car) € 465.00

Total € 910.00

Malta to UK

Driving from Malta to UK - petrol 1291miles € 252.00

Driving from Malta to UK - toll route fees (720 miles; 55% of total miles) € 100.00

Accommodation Malta to UK (3 nights; camping, AirBnB) € 120.00

Ferry 4x Malta to UK (with car) € 420.00

Total € 892.00

Other travel related expenses:

• EU breakdown cover for your car while traveling outside the UK

• Food

• Entertainment

• Parking

Bringing and keeping your UK registered car in Malta

A nightmare! And expensive! Lots of appointment bookings, waiting in line, filling out official paper work, lots of fees, testing, and run around are required! It is really expensive to keep your car in Malta, especially if you owned a car for less than 2 years before you arrived. Even if you owned the car for at least 2 years before arrival, if you want to sell your car in the future in Malta, you will be hit with the tax that could be more than the value of your car. The only way to avoid fees and registration is either to take the car out of Malta regularly (e.g., a weekend trip to Sicily) or sell it (but someone will have to pay the tax), or scrap the car.

UK car insurance for tourists abroad – check its duration (usually 3 months)

As a tourist in Malta from the UK, you have a few months to drive your car without Maltese registration (AS A TOURIST)

If you work in Malta, so no longer a tourist, you have to register your vehicle within 30 days of changing from tourist to employee/business owner. If you don't register your car after the required time, you will have to pay a daily penalty.

To register your UK car in Malta:

Need Maltese car insurance. No Maltese insurance, no registration.

Need Maltese ID/residence permit. No ID, no Maltese insurance, no registration.

Need Maltese long term accommodation agreement. No long term accommodation agreement, no Maltese ID, no Maltese car insurance.

Need health insurance. No health insurance, no ID, no Maltese car insurance, no car registration.

Some possible useful links on this topic

Importing A Car From UK To Malta After Brexit : Simple Steps … 0inspected

Registering a Vehicle (in Malta) - Documents required … to%20Malta

MoU between Malta and the United Kingdom on Exchange of Driving Licences … 0licenses.

For more information you may send an email on, call freephone 80072393

To get local car insurance, make sure you have all your official British insurance and original car ownership papers as well as your printed ferry ticket for you and your car, and a certificate from your insurance clearly stating the number of years you had claim free. A no claim bonus certificate is not accepted in Malta because it talks about bonus, not about proof of driving without claims.

Applicable fees to import private car from the UK

1 Registration tax

2 18% vat

3 10% customs duty (import duty code 1022 for motor vehicles)

4 road tax (=road licence = circultation fee)

5 Inspection fee (by Transport Malta)

6 VRT (=MOT in the UK)

7 Maltese licence plate

8 Maltese insurance

Good luck.


Thamks for taking the time thats very helpful.